Posted on September 2, 2022 at 10:14 pm

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“Sorry Jaanu”: United White Flag Featuring Goldie and Sana Sultan

The newest single from United White Flag, “Sorry Jaanu,” features Goldie and Sana Sultan. The viral teaser immediately went widespread following its release, taking the internet by storm. Goldie contributed his captivating vocals to the song. Goldie’s powerful lyrics and exquisite music and a Ramji Gulati film brought this song together.

Watch the music video below:

As director and producer, Ramji Gulati explains more about the song, “…I try to make each song as unique as the previous one. The video is shot differently, it’s stylish, modern and polished. Both Goldie and Sana have a beautiful chemistry, it’s a treat to watch them. We hope to impress our fans.”

Goldie further states, “It is a millennial track. It took me hours and days to create the music and write the lyrics of the song. I hope all of you love the song and appreciate all the hard work all of us have put in.”

Sana Sultan mentions, “I am so happy to work with Ramji Gulati. He is a genius. Goldie is a friend, it was great working with him. Keeping our fingers crossed.”

“Excited to present our new track Sorry Jaanu. It’s musically and lyrically rich with a potential to trend on all the social media platforms”, Jitin Agrawal adds.

Rajesh Talesara also comments, saying, “Excited and looking forward to the response from the audience. Sorry Jaanu is one of our best works for far, I would like to thank the entire cast and crew for putting in their heart and soul”.

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