Posted on September 2, 2022 at 10:14 pm

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Shruti Haasan: Killing the Goth Look!

Fashion and film have frequently coexisted, and every few years, a fresh style captures our attention. The “Goth style,” which is slowly becoming a global trend and is quite popular among young people who are interested in fashion, seems to be the rage right now.

But singer-actress Shruti Haasan adopted this look and has been rocking the goth look since her 2009 directorial debut, Luck. Her affinity for the color black is well known, and she has never been one to follow trends when it comes to clothing.

Shruti receives a ton of messages from admirers seeking advice, product information, and other things because the goth look is currently all the rage. Shruti’s love of Goth is clearly reflected in her writing, music, and way of thinking, in addition to her taste in clothing. For that, she has our undying love.

Shruti, affectionately known as “Goth Papa” by her admirers and followers, is a strong advocate of sustainable fashion, which entails reusing or acquiring previously owned apparel as opposed to brand-new items. With Dolce Vee, she coordinated a charity closet sale last year that featured clothing and jewelry from various designers.

Take a look at some of her killer looks below:

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