Posted on August 31, 2022 at 6:37 pm

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A Unique Song About Friendship: Bondhur Jonmodiney

In the month of friendship, August, a brand-new lyrical music video called “Bondhur Jonmodiney” was released. The poetic video’s author, Somu Mitra, is continually attempting new things. The audience will witness this new endeavor’s reflection of thought this time as well. This film explains the value of friends and the significance of friendship in daily life. Rupsha Mukherjee and Somu Mitra are in charge of this project’s direction and production. The song was made available on August 16. Actresses Jaya Bhattacharya, Somu Mitra, Rupsha Mukherjee, and Paulami Ghosh are featured in the video.

RT Originals and Somu Mitra Creations are the companies that collaborated on the lyrics. The vocalists are Rupsha Mukherjee and Paulami Ghosh. The music creation, music mixing, and mastering are all under Rupsha Mukherjee’s supervision. The DOP for this song is Amit Kar. The idea behind this poetic “Bondhur Jonmodiney” is a present given to a friend on their birthday.
Somu Mitra commented on this by saying, 
“Friendship is a relationship, which can be built between people of any age. You just have to match the wavelength. During the Covid epidemic, we have been alone for a long time, many people were suffering from the pain of losing their closed ones, family. Then we realize the true meaning of family, the true meaning of friendship. From the beginning of life to the end of it, friendship is celebrated every moment. We celebrate friendship in August, but we need friends all year round, just as we need a shoulder to lean on after a good day and a shoulder to lean on after a bad day. Friendship is eternal, and its celebration, every day, every moment, goes on and on. A celebration of that eternal beautiful bond is our endeavor, ‘Friend’s Birthday’. Due to the bond of friendship and the bond with the city of Calcutta we come here again and again. I always try to work in Bengal the reason being only love and connection with the city. We have done this work with great enthusiasm. Now this gift of friendship is for you. Your good wishes and feedback can be a return gift for us in this month of friendship. Watch the lyrical video and of course give your opinion.”
Watch the lyrical music video below!
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