Posted on July 12, 2019 at 3:45 pm

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Typewriter, Netflix’s upcoming mystery series set to premiere

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Typewriter, Netflix’s upcoming mystery series set to premiere on 19th July, 2019

Typewriter, Netflix’s upcoming mystery series set to premiere on 19th July, 2019. As the next edition to its diverse slate of Indian original content, Netflix. The world’s leading internet entertainment service, announced July the 19th, 2019 as  the launch date for Typewriter.

Directed by ace filmmaker, producer, and screenwriter Sujoy Ghosh. This mystery-thriller series, Typewriter, certainly promises to be a binge-worthy ride of the chronicles surrounding the haunted Bardez Villa

Above all, filmed on location in Goa, the series features Paulami Ghosh, Samir Kochar, and Purab Kohli in lead roles. The incredible ghost hunters – Arna Sharma as Sam, Aaryansh Malviya as Nick, Milkail Gandhi as Gablu. Also, Palash Kamble as Bunty. This squad promises to give you the thrills while you sit back and watch this show with your gang!

The five-episode series revolves around a haunted house in Goa and a group of young, wannabe ghost hunters determined to capture the ghost that plagues a notorious home in their neighborhood. The crew finds it difficult to balance the demands of school and chores with the renewed urgency to solve the mystery. What follows is the story of how these 5 kids try to capture the ghost of Bardez Villa, all the while balancing school and staying out of trouble.

On the series and his association with Netflix, director Sujoy Ghosh says,

‘’Typewriter is a thrilling series which I hope has all the makings of a great weekend binge – mystery, friendship, and fear! I have learned hugely from working with Netflix and creatively it was such a fulfilling experience. Now I am excited about consumers around the world engaging with Typewriter and reliving their childhood.”

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