Posted on December 16, 2021 at 2:00 pm

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Yasser Desai’s upcoming track Badnaam Kiya

Yasser Desai’s upcoming track Badnaam Kiya is a take on modern relationships; singer hopes to create special place in audience’s heart with the soulful number

Singer Yasser Desai, who has belted out chartbusters like Naino Ne Baandhi, Dil Ko Karaar Aaya, Jogi and Twist Kamariya, among others, over the years is all set for the release of his upcoming single titled Badnaam Kiya. Having proved his mettle across genres, he is sure to wow the audience with his soulful track, once again.
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Fenil Dhola composes this beautiful melody, while Nandish Zadafiya is the writer.  Harsh Talaviya presents Badnaam Kiya under the label of Red Clips.

Heart-wrenching Story

The heart-wrenching track conveys the story of a married couple headed towards a divorce. The music video features Hiba Nawab and Rehaan Roy, and Dhruwal Patel is the director. Additionally, Dhruwal is the cinematographer for music videos for musicians Badshaah and Darshan Raval.
To continue forth, the futurustic setting and story telling captures the audience.  Meanwhile, Desai, with his vocals, perfectly captures the bittersweet chemistry between Hiba Nawab and Roy.
Yasser Desai, who is looking forward to the upcoming song, says,
“I have been blessed to have received so much of love from the audience over these years. I hope I can make them proud yet again with Badnaam Kiya. It’s a soulful track and I had to channel my deepest emotions to do justice to it. I am happy and grateful to the entire team for making such a beautiful song that will hopefully make a special place in everyone’s heart.”

Fenil Dhola

Talking about Badnaam Kiya, 21-year-old Fenil Dhola, who hails from Surat, shares, “The hook line is Dil jiske naam kiya hai usne hi badnaam kiya hai. We often face situations in life where relationships go sour. Arguments take place because we are unable to maintain relationships.”
Evidently, what makes the track even more special for Fenil Dhola is his collaboration with Desai.
“We were composing the music and writing the lyrics, simultaneously. It was made about a year ago. We were wondering as to who should sing this song. We wanted someone who could convey the right emotions through their voice. The one name that came to my mind was that of Yasser Desai,” he says.
Yasser Desai's upcoming track Badnaam Kiya
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