Posted on October 13, 2020 at 12:18 pm

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Stones and Bones release long-awaited EP ‘In the Name of Love’

Stones & Bones EP:  Name of Love’

Stones & Bones release long-awaited EP ‘In the Name of Love’

South African DJ and production duo Stones & Bones are well known in the worldwide house music community for combining spiritual African vocals and rhythms with European styled dance beats.

Their long-awaited EP ‘In the Name of Love’ is out now on all your favourite digital music platforms – LISTEN HERE

In the Name of Love combines works written during South Africa’s hard lockdown. The EP consists of 6 beautifully curated songs. Exploring traditional African rhythms, uplifting chants and melodies that will enrich your soul. Featuring artists include, Bukeka, T-Boy dA Master T, Candyman, Manashe Musiq, Anduze and the Zacas brothers.

Stones & Bones release long-awaited EP ‘In the Name of Love’

Stones & Bones share the inspiration behind the EP title, “True love conquers all obstacles, defies all storms and deepens it’s colours with the passage of time. We felt that that naming our EP ‘In the Name of Love’ was a true testament to where we are as a band in this space and time.”

Track listing – In the Name of Love
  1. Amakhamandela ft Bukeka
  2. We Ma ft T-Boy dA Master-T
  3. Rain ft Candy Man, Manashe Musiq (DJ Mix)
  4. Uthando Ft Halala (Afro Soul DJ Mix)
  5. Edge of The Earth ft Anduze (Soulful Mix)
  6. Desire ft Zacas (DJ Mix)

Stones & Bones 2020 chapter began with smash hit singles Desire ft Zacas which held down the number 1 spot on the ECR Top40 for 2 consecutive weeks while also being well support on radio station across the country. Most recently Rain ft Candyman, Manashe Musiq and Uthando ft Halala Gumbi have started causing waves on radio. Rain is currently flying up the ECR Top 40 charts. Uthando is steadily climbing up the Metro FM Top 40 charts. All tracks have seen much love and support from fans and radio stations alike.

The vision of Stones & Bones remains to unite people from different cultures and continents by delivering soul touching spiritual dance hits that transcend race and culture. This is clearly evident in their EP offering ‘In the Name of Love’.

Stream their new ‘EP’, in the Name Of Love here and on spotify now!

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