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Shagun Pandey: In Shubharambh I’m playing a grey character who looks like a hero

Shagun Pandey in a candid conversation with UrbanAsian, talks about his character in the new show Colors Tv’s Shubhaarambh, his acting journey, his love for reality show, about the nepotism and more.
Shagun Pandey: In Shubharambh I'm playing a grey character who looks like a hero
Shagun Pandey
  • How is it being back on sets after such a long quarantine day? 
Its been a while since we’ve been quarantined & it feels good to be back in action. I remember I was last shooting in the mid of march for Tujhse Hai Raabta. During the lockdown I craved to perform as an artist. On sets, I just keep versing my lines or talking to my director about my scenes to deliver the best of my capabilities.
  • Congratulations on joining the news show Shubhaarambh. Can you shed some light on the grey character that you are playing in the show? 
Mihir is a suttle version of a guy with grey shades and his eyes speak volumes. I am playing the role of a neurosurgeon who talks in a certain way and knows the technicalities. He is versed with what, when & how to speak. There is a lot going in his head which he doesn’t speak about at all, its just in his eyes.
  • Many people who land in the city of dreams want to become an actor and very few succeed. How did it all start for you, was acting always on your mind? 
I always wanted to perform for I always like the attention one gets as a performer. I just wish for audience to enjoy my performance. Initially it was little tough but then gradually things have become kind to me.
Shagun Pandey
Shagun Pandey
  • You have done many hit shows in the past. How easy or difficult was it for you to make your mark in Television
I thank my stars for this & will never take this for granted. I take each of my shows very personally and keep working on my character. As an artist I wish for my audience to connect with my character. I am blessed with love but I still feel I am yet to make a mark in the industry.
  • Now there is a lot of debate going on about inside vs outsider. What is your take on it? Does Tv industry face nepotism?
I feel nepotism is majorly hyped in media industry cause one definitely has seen the same scenario in a corporate where parents have created base. I genuinely feel that a parent can share his acumen to help his/her kid to grow but only when the opportunity is not taken for granted. One should justify it by working harder to sum up.
  • You have done Santoshi Maa, Badho Bahu, Shaddi Ke Siyape & Tujhse Hai Raabta. Among these shows which one is close to your heart and why?
For me , every character has been equally close to my heart. I have enjoyed each n every character I have portrayed.
  • Now you are moving towards music and have 2 videos coming. Can you share some details about those projects? And how challenging was it to shoot during this time? 
I have shot for two music videos. One is for Mr Prithvi Gandharv, its a romantic ghazal & the second song I did is for Ms Palak Mucchal where they have shown the women’s perspective in a relationship. It puts light on the attention and pampering a girl expects from her partner. Both songs are amazing and am waiting for their release.
Shagun Pandey
Shagun Pandey
  • You have been a part of MTV Splitsvilla. How was your experience with the reality show? Also, as Bigg Boss is more on hype. What are your thoughts on joining it? 
I love reality shows cause it brings out the most crazy personality of yours and there you cant prepare what to do and what not to do. MTV Splitsvilla was a great experience & it was amazing. Bigg Boss I have loved all my life & definitely some day I am going to be part of it. I wish to bring the Big Boss trophy home.
  • Is featuring in a Bollywood movie on the cards or will you mostly concentrate on Television? 
I feel my stars are favouring me. I never really thought of starting as a villian in any show. Currently in Shubharambh also , I am playing a grey character who looks like a hero (winks).I want to conquer TV at the moment and some day films as well.
  • An important message that you would like to give to your fans during these hard times.
Thank you so much for the love and support. I’m an actor who is working hard just to make my fans happy. My only motive is to entertain everyone. Maintain peace and be safe.

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