Posted on August 1, 2020 at 4:00 am

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Rahul Jain is back with a new single!

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Rahul Jain is back with a groovy track to make our Friendship day vibes a lot peppier

Rahul Jain is known for his deep, emotional songs and his silver-toned tenor. His recent song was one of them. Meri Maa, a collaboration with Sonu Sood, the song not just bagged millions of views but also immense love and appreciation from fans all over India. Hence, now, Rahul has all the intentions of blowing our mind and making us groove to the peppy and lively beats of his new song “Pepsee”.

Rahul Jain shared with us what the song is all about, “I’m a 90 born kid, and I always wanted to create something which gives nostalgia and relishes all the memories that we have during our childhood. The song is coming out on friendship day, and the main element is Pepsee. The ice pepsee we used to have as a child and also about the bond between friends. So there is a lot of Masala in the song.

Rahul added, “2 Rs ki Pepsee Tera Bhai Sexy” sounds catchy and will surely get us all hooked on it. As we are getting quite hip – hop vibes from the song we wanted to know what vibes have Rahul focused on,” It has 2-3 different vibes tagged along. There is a vibe of ’90s’ as when you’ll see it will connect you to your childhood. Another one is a total Bollywood vibe of 90’s and I have used today’s trend as well with high-fashion clothes, hairdo, and peppy dance moves.”

Rahul Jain will be dropping the heat with the release of the song on 2nd August and we are ready to groove this friendships day.

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