Posted on August 2, 2020 at 12:15 am

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Sapra Released His Latest Rap Music Video Titled “Haiwaan”

Sapra Released His Latest Rap Music Video Titled “Haiwaan”

Sapra just released his latest track titled “Haiwaan.”

He is a rapper who hails from New Delhi, India, and currently based in Los Angeles, CA. By fusing together Bollywood rhythms with contemporary Hip-Hop sounds, Sapra’s music is hard-hitting with a heart. His music helps address social issues such as body positivity, drug abuse, human rights while touching on other universal themes such as love. His latest track “Haiwan” released this past week on all major streaming platforms. The song and video center around commentary on COVID-19 and how the lack of early response governmental responses from countries throughout the world, specifically the US and China, has led to one of the greatest global crises within our lifetime. The upcoming release is titled “Haiwan.” The sound has a ferocity and fire to it while highlighting Sapra’s rapping skills. The song allows us to explore the vast range of human diversity and how our common humanity binds us all together in the face of COVID-19.

With a distinctive sound, “Haiwan” taps into an energy that elevates and inspires its listeners to recognize the threat of the “Haiwan”, or devil in Hindi, as a way to comment on the early inadequate global response to COVID-19 by politicians and is a cry to address that this human rights tragedy can no longer go unnoticed. His lyricism highlights that the only way through this crisis is through unity and love.

The artistry he incorporates into his music videos is exquisite as his training as a filmmaker translates beautifully on-screen. The vision he brings to his music and his music videos are almost otherworldly. The song “Haiwan” has already received over 250,000 views on YouTube within six hours of its initial release.

Tune in to the music to beat this pandemic.

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