Posted on September 30, 2019 at 7:49 am

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Arpit G Releases A Fire Gujarati Single Called Love Story

Arpit G releases new song – Love Story

Arpit G Love Story

Arpit G brings the flames with his new Gujarati song called Love Story! Co produced by Dr. Vilest and penned by Divyesh Mungra. Released on Times Music India.  This song is an ode to Arpit’s Gujarati roots and to bring the Gujarati language to a mainstream audience.

Arpit G is known for bringing killer tracks! Tracks known to certainly get you grooving whether on the dance floor or in the car. His core influence comes from a blend of Hindustani classical music and training in western music. Having grown up in the both India and the US, his influences range from the likes of Rafi, Kishore Kumar, A.R Rahman, and Sonu Nigam to Justin Timberlake. So of course, we could not wait to hear a new killer track and Love Story is most certainly it!

Arpit G Love story

Above all, It’s certainly not every day that you hear a full Gujarati track that can appeal to the modern audience. The track displays Gujarati, which normally is not known for being a romantic or suave language, as indeed a playful, love filled track.

The song showcases a timeless tale of a Gujarati boy falling in love with a girl. Especially while traveling through a foreign land. The music video visual beautifully showcases Turkey and the playfulness between Arpit G and the lead model. The tone of track is light and meant for those car rides when the windows are rolled down.

Arpit G

This track is sure fire! We cannot stop replaying the track and the visuals on the video are so beautiful. We love how Arpit incorporates culture and travelling in one video. It is scenic, romantic and has a rhythm worth swaying your hips too! Be sure to watch the music video below! Let us know what you think!

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