Posted on March 1, 2019 at 9:31 am

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The Jonas Brothers Are Back and 14 Year Old Me Is SCREAMING!

The Jonas Brothers Reunion with a new single called Sucker

Jonas Brothers are back and new single sucker

The Jonas Brothers are back with a new single called Sucker! Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas are back! Likewise, 14 Year old me is probably screaming for the next two days! It has almost been a decade since the Jonas Brothers blessed our screens! Every girl had a favourite Jonas. A brother worth marrying. A Jonas of our own! Only to realize that they are all officially off the market!

The brothers came back with an instant banger called Sucker. The music video showcased their immense love for their partners. Let’s cry in silence while we smile for the camera! Our not so teenage heartthrobs are walking down aisles and being called daddy. FOR REAL! IT’S HAPPENING!!!

Above all, just when I thought my Jonas days were over. They sprung up an instagram, babies and songs. My playlist was never ready for this! Similarly, the Brothers have evolved in their music. Bringing us nostalgic Jonas vibes with some modern beats. The brothers kept to their instrumental ways which brought back some authenticity ! Their vocals are superb and the dynamic band kept it fresh and stylish. What’s a Jonas brother music video without a leading lady and a guitar right?

How about 3 leading ladies?? Talk about stepping it up!

What I loved the most was how original they were with their video and song. The song depicts their love and the video showcases their relationships. Hence, their ladies were looking gorgeous due to that loving! Also, we could not help but stare at them. Danielle looked ever so elegant in that dress. Priyanka worked the gold like a goddess. Sophia popped that gum like she owned the room! Seems like the Brothers remain so authentic in their craft and have not changed their genre of music. Big Ups for being original in a generation filled with copies!

I am totally hoping for an album. Yes, an old school CD that I can buy to add to my Jonas Brothers collection. COME ON, I am sure some of us still have stickers from camp rock stuck somewhere. Stickers, books, CDs and Tshirts. Fans are loving this reunion! The day has finally come! Our boys are back!

May the Boy Band of our time remain the sexy beasts that they are! Forever fangirling on the Jonas Brothers. Watch their new video below, because it is totally worth it! Also join in on our Jonas discussion. #Jonassuckermovement !

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