Posted on June 27, 2018 at 8:45 pm

Music Urban

Jay Sean Is Back With Cherry Papers!

This is the moment all Jay Sean fans have been waiting for!  The artist shot to fame in the early 2000s by bringing a new vibe and sound to desi music.  He even tasted success in America with the dance hit “Down” (2009).  However, fans have been longing for his RnB vibe to return.  Now, Sean is ready with a new track that is sure to satisfy all his fans!  ‘Cherry Papers‘ is a return to the signature sexy slow jam sound that is synonymous with Jay Sean.  If you loved his RnB such as ‘Ride It‘, ‘Stay‘ and ‘Tears in the Ocean‘, you will love ‘Cherry Papers‘.

‘Cherry Papers’ is the first song from his upcoming RnB album ‘3’, and truly sets the tone.  Jays smooth velvet vocals tell the story of a love affair that is no more.  He reminisces the ‘high-life’ of passion, fun and danger. Not quite ready to let go of it, but knowing he must, he keeps a reminder of their love affair on the dashboard of his car.

Cherry Papers‘ is a beautiful RnB song from an artist that grew up on such records, Jay Sean will have you all up in your feelings with this one!  If there’s anything we know about his album, “3,” it’s that for sure it has a cherry (papers!) on top!

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