Posted on April 20, 2017 at 6:31 am

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Se7enPM Drops his Extraordinary Solo Debut Mixtape, “Nirvana”

Many have tried and failed to create a track that appropriately blends Indian classical music with other musical genres, that is, all other artists until Se7enPM (aka Peter Madana). The recording engineer, songwriter and music producer mastermind will take you around the world and back with his thrilling debut mixtape, “Nirvana,” which perfectly blends classical Indian music with trap, electronic, hip-hop and more! He has successfully pioneered a new genre: “Indian Trap”.

From the moment you hit play, the mixtape will intrigue you with its ability to make you dance while it emotes a peaceful hypnotic energy, thanks to the blend of Bhajans incorporated into the start of the mixtape. Yes, I said Bhajans! This is truly nothing like you’ve heard before. The mixtape will transport you to the fields of a music festival with its smoothly transitioning beats where you can feel the elements of all genres of music literally passing through your body.

From Bhajans to remixes of modern tracks, the mixtape flows naturally to continue this blend of paradoxical sounds with hard hitting kicks, snares and bass adding to its appeal. “Nirvana” consists of original productions, remixes and mashups. 

“Growing up influenced by South Indian classical music, R&B, hip-hop, and electronic music it only made sense to combine all the elements that I love. I’ve been planning this project for over 10 years now. I chose to name it ‘Nirvana’ because in Sanskrit it means ‘assert to state-of-mind of freedom’ and this project gave me the ‘freedom’ to do what I love, to bring together all the parts of myself in one sound.”

This mixtape is nothing short of brilliance and is evidence of the talents of Se7enPM. He had been planning this project for years but what gave the final push is a podcast mix he created last year titled “Rewind.”

“About a year ago I released a Podcast mix titled “Rewind” via Urban Asian Music, it consisted of mainstream tracks that heavily influenced me over the years with a hint of South Asian flavor. That release pushed my boundaries to create a project that would best exemplify my love for two worlds of music, electronic and Indian classical music.”

Recently, Se7enPM performed at the hugely successful second annual Urban Desi Conference and Concert in New York City. He had every single hand up and swaying at the concert at the legendary Highline Ballroom.

 “I wore a black hood that covered most of my face had some psychedelic visuals on the big screen—many people didn’t understand what was going on until I dropped THE BEAT! When people hear my music, and see me perform, I want their ears open rather than focusing on the front-person. I wanted my audience to focus solely on the music and it was amazing to see it happen.”

One brilliant performance and mixtape at a time, Se7enPM is leaving his mark in the souls of his listeners. The music producer is working on more new mixtapes and tracks that will be releasing later this year.

Until then, check out “Nirvana!”


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