Posted on April 25, 2017 at 1:02 pm

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Did You Know That The Famous Meet Bros Follow Colour Therapy?

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Everyone knows Meet BrosManmeet and Harmeet, for the music that they have created. Be it Baby Doll, Pink Lips, Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan, or Hangover, Meet Bros have always managed to get us to groove to their music.


But one thing you probably didn’t know about the duo is that they follow something known as Colour Therapy. Colour Therapy is basically an alternative medicine based on the use of colour.


How do Meet Bros follow it you may wonder! The worth of colour therapy in the lives of Meet Bros is because they try to adopt good habits whenever they can. If they find something interesting or know it’s good for them and they can do it, or in this case, it is fun and comfortable for them, they will adopt the habit.


A well-wisher, who happens to be an astrologer, told them about colour therapy. The intrigued brothers found out all the details and realized the benefits of colour therapy.


Commenting on this the duo stated:

“We believe so much in the supreme power. You can use colors to your advantage. Every color emits some energy, some meaning, so we thought why not use a study like this to our advantage. It doesn’t in any way distract us from our work or from our life.”


In fact, the brothers believe that colour therapy makes their life simpler in more ways than one!


Harmeet said:

“It becomes easier to choose clothes in your cupboard. You’re not confused neither do you have to waste any time choosing clothes. Your cupboard gets more organized and your mind gets clearer.”


Manmeet added:

“Colours are considered lucky! Good for our stars, our growth, our health, our wellbeing and our happiness. Whether they are making a difference or not, psychologically it does make a difference to us. We feel good in those colours – it has a lot to do with positive thinking.”


On Monday Meet Bros wear white, while on Saturday the duo wears black, white or gold! Do you know anyone in Bollywood who follows colour therapy?


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