Posted on April 26, 2017 at 5:59 pm

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Chai Town presents the Ed Sheeran Mashup!

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Founded in December 2001, Chai Town is an a capella band that does covers and unique songs as well. They recently released a tribute to the person they believe is “one of the greatest songwriters of this generation” – Ed Sheeran! This single, “The Ed Sheeran Mashup” combines one song off of each of Ed Sheeran’s last 3 albums, forming a fresh track with an a cappella twist! We are sure you will enjoy Chai Town’s take on Sheeran’s hits!

Filmed and Edited by Ben Lash (@benjolash)

Track Information—
Original Songs: Shape of You, Don’t, You Need Me I Don’t Need You | Composed and Performed by Ed Sheeran |
Arrangement: Siddharth Ray
Track Editing: Aalok Gandhi
Track Mixing: Liquid Fifth Productions (
Track Mastering: Bill Hare (
Soloists: Manan Shah (@officialmananmshah), Sai Rajesh (@sairajesh1), Nathan Du (@du_nathan), Paarth Joshi (@paarth_joshi)

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