Posted on March 1, 2016 at 4:54 pm

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Female Rapper 'Mizz Taj' unleashes 'Top Girl'

We hardly ever come across Indian Female Rappers! This one rapper stood out from Canada! Toronto’s very own female rapper Mizz Taj is here to take triple threat!  Mizz Taj’s EP debut is complete with her addictive, lyrical gem of a sound from the single crowned as ‘Top Girl’ to the dub-stepping influences on the track ‘Kamli aka crazy’.

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This three-year project has been a labor of love for Mizz Taj and speaks only her truth, her way of life, her ups and her downs, the entire EP is sure to make you dance! All of Mizz Taj’s experiences, good or bad have been a ‘blessing’ says Mizz Taj, she gives thanks to the entire journey for contributing to this monumental point in her career she reflects. This EP is an invitation for all music lovers to come take a ride on this artistic journey that has just begun in so many ways. Mizz Taj has had a love and a strong presence in the arts world from a very young age when she performed as a professional dancer and fell deeply in love with hiphop. This passion to move took her to many stages around the Tdot and Internationally where she was blessed to use her first form of art, dance, as a way to express herself.

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This talent quickly got Mizz Taj noticed by Toronto’s entertainment industry movers and shakers and that set off the acting and singing bug which took her to Bollywood. This adventure led to many collaborations and short appearances in the Bollywood scene and also solidified Mizz Taj in the recording world when she made her way to the U.K, the mecca of the South Asian Urban music STOMPING grounds. This led to the ultimate collaboration for Mizz Taj as a rapper/singer/songwriter that opened doors to amazing opportunities which she is most proud of today! This has solidified Mizz Taj into the artist that she is unveiling to the world today by working alongside and guided by the brothers from Scotland, music trailblazers, the geniuses, the producers of Top Girl themselves, the legendary, Tigerstyle!

Check out Top Girl below and let us know what you think!

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