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Stoner film Midnight Delight features for eight million viewers

The last couple months have been busy when it comes to television.  Fuller House launched and the most awaited awards show – The Oscars – aired.  So, I’m sure you’re wondering what to watch now!  Luckily, if you have access to a computer, you can log onto the Camp Cult Classics Film Festival’s Roku Channel, where you’ll be able to check out Rohit Gupta’s award-winning film, Midnight Delight, from March 1-10, 2016!  The film is the winner of the Cannabis Film Festival Judges Choice Film of the Festival award!  Roku is a streaming entertainment community (like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon) and offers the biggest selection of streaming entertainment on TV with over eight million subscribers who will get to watch the classic, cult and most outrageous films free of charge for a selected period of time during the festival. The film will feature as part of the the Camp Cult Classics Film Festival’s 2016 official selections that adds the Film Fest to their channel stream: (

Tag-lined “Say hi to high…” and “Couch. Conversations. Clarity“, the 85-minute unique comedy film, Midnight Delight, produced by Gupta and Saumin Mehta under the banner of Gupta’s production company Dot and Feather Entertainment is a composition of nine vignettes of characters at a marijuana smoking lounge and their hilarious antics with people they’ve never met before. The ensemble cast includes award winning actor Shaheed Woods, Michele Suttile, Alexandra Hellquist, award winning actress Dipti Mehta, John Crann, Maggie Alexander, Bill McCrea, Rachel Myers, Michael Laguerre, Adit Dileep, Sofia Sivan and Michael Lester who is also credited as co-editor. The theme song is “I get high” by Filo and “I hold” featuring Marika Hackman by British song writer-singer Sivu.

Los Angeles based Camp Cult Classics Film Festival is a one-of-a-kind gathering of the most outrageous, silly, campy, b-movie, blaxploitation films assembled; with out-of-the-box lineup that includes horror, comedies, documentaries, musicals, and more! The festival celebrates the artistic, aesthetic and defiantly independent visions of filmmakers. It promotes works that dissent in form, content and technique and showcase several films alongside hollywood cult/classic.

Gupta’s third directorial film in a row continue to rack up accolades with Midnight Delight having won the Judges Choice Film of the Festival award at the Cannabis Film Festival in Humboldt County, California, where the jury stated, “Midnight Delight is like smoking a cinematic joint.” It also won the Platinum award for the Best Experimental Film at the Oregon International Film Awards. At the film’s Washington state premiere at the Hempapalooza Music and Film Festival, it was said, “Midnight Delight is a pure cinematic aphrodisiac that brings a completely new and unique take on cannabis based movies and culture.”

Looks like this is one “high” class comedy!  So, be sure to check it out on Roku!

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