Posted on April 13, 2015 at 7:55 am

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Mika Singh Slaps Doctor?!

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Mika Singh has often been at the center of controversy, but since the last couple years, he seemed to have been on a good behavior streak… that is, until this Saturday April 11, 2015!  The Delhi Ophthalmological Society had organized a Mika concert as part of a three-day doctors’ conference.  During his show, Mika had asked that the men in the audience stay on the sides, so that women could be in the center throughout his performance.  According to reports, one of the ophthalmologists named Shrikant, refused to oblige!  What was Mika’s prescription to treat the doctor’s stubbornness?  It was one tight slap across the face!  According to some rumors, the doctor had made obscene gestures, which is why Mika responded with such a harsh response.  Also, according to rumors, the doctor has suffered a small tear in his ear due to the force with which he was slapped.  As of today April 13, a case has been lodged against the singer, and further inquiries will be made into the incident.   Footage has been released from the concert, which you can see below.

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