Posted on December 8, 2012 at 3:36 am

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You remember Abbas Hasan don’t you? I’m sure you do, why would you not! He’s a young dashing artist from the U.K on a rise making more amazing hits! Well this time he’s turned it up a notch with a bit of “Gangnam Style”. No he hasn’t broke out in the dance as of yet, but we sure hope he does. Guess you will just have to find out in the video below! That would look cute, wouldn’t you think?  Well let’s get right too it shall we! Abbas Hasan’s new single Jaan Ke Vaaste is already making its way around the globe, and its edgy video is yet another electric art piece from Abbas that takes the viewer on an exciting and perhaps a little sinister journey!

In celebrating his return to the music scene with his new single Jaan Ke Vaaste, Abbas is now putting out a fun free download treat for all his fans! What happens when you take Habibi and you put it in a blender with Gangnam Style? You get the Habibi-Gangnam Style! Check out the video!

Abbas speaks of Jaan Ke Vaaste:

“Just want to thank my amazing fans for the response to Jaan Ke Vaaste and glad that you guys are feeling the video so much. This is just the first of my upcoming releases so hang on for the ride.”

So where did Habibi – Gangnam Style come from? Abbas says

“One night a DJ friend and I had the hilarious idea of doing a mash up of two songs that really don’t go together. Habibi with its sensual middle-eastern and urban vibe, and Gangnam Style are two such completely different songs, it seemed perfect and I thought it would be great to share with you guys as a free download to help us celebrate!”

When Rishi Rich Productions unveiled their rising star and heartthrob ABBAS HASAN, his dashing looks and natural charisma brought this Canadian-born French singer’s debut single SONA to number one in the charts. He then charmed his way into our hearts with the seductive middle-eastern tune HABIBI with an opulent and edgy video.

In his hot new single JAAN KE VAASTÉ, Abbas once again seamlessly melds his diverse background lyrically and musically as we hear Urdu and English lyrics nuanced with French poetry. Likewise Abbas’s collaboration with Naamless under Rishi Rich’s guidance takes the listener on an up-tempo journey of trance and electro inspired sounds with subtly injected eastern melodies and instrumentation’s. The official music video is a piece of art in itself– something we have come to expect from Abbas. It juxtaposes charm and luxury with edge and mystery, while telling a story about a love beyond limits.

So what is the song about? Abbas responds

“Every word and every note is intentional, and sometimes you have to cross the boundaries to get what you want. Hope you guys enjoy the video.”

Abbas speaks of the experience:

“I’ve had a blast touring around the world, working on the film and modeling, but the best part for me is coming back into studio and working on the record with Rishi and Naamless. It’s great to be back in London and I’m so excited to finally share JKV with the fans.”

Be sure to check out Abbas music and his video and drop us a comment and let us know what you think of the PSY – Abbas mix! Does it make you want to break out and do the Gangnam Style dance?


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