Posted on October 27, 2011 at 1:52 am

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Is JD Doubting Himself?

Just Dance, better known as ‘JD’ is an up and coming artist in California. Raised in New Zealand, his stage name come comes from his desire to dance.

JD began dancing at a very young age. His dancing skills include mainstream, hip hop and break dancing.

“I was always intrigued by the spirit and energy behind dance and was always drawn to it”

He started off with a local dance group called “Hum Ek”. However, the group members all soon went a different path and JD made a decision to become a solo artist. JD felt that dance wasn’t enough and realized in order to mash up and stand out amongst other local artists, he had to find a singing voice. His singing career began in 2010 where coach and mentor, Simon Russel, guiding him through.

Soon after, he was introduced to video producer, Shaniel Deo, from Copra Shed Films who has worked with mainstream artists such as Bohemia and RDB. Copra Shed Films and JD have teamed up to bring to you amazing music video’s which include “Outta Control”, “Move Your Body”, and JD’s latest single, “Doubting Myself”.

“Going from a group to now being a solo artist has been a new and refreshing path. Faced with challenges and obstacles, I keep on going.”

To hear more of JD’s music & keep up to date with him, check out his YouTube page, Facebook Fanpage & Twitter!

What did you think of JD’s “Doubting Myself” single?

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