Posted on August 5, 2011 at 1:43 am

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Strikey on the "Open Road"

Since our site began, we’ve kept you posted on talented artists such as Strikey.  Last month, we dropped Strikey’sAverage Londoner” here on UrbanAsian.  The track showcased Strikey’s comedic side and was supported by Scottish singer Lizzie Nightingale.   Now, Strikey has moved from the arms of Scotland back to the land of Swag.  His latest track, is a cover of Chris Brown’s “Open Road.”   Says Strikey, “I go in very deep, so hopefully people can relate to “being so close, yet so far away”.”  The song has a very urban feel to it and Strikey’s vocals will really strike you as the best part of the track.  When you hear the tune, I’m sure you’ll wish that Strikey would release a new EP soon.  Lucky for you, he told us at Urban Asian that “I’m currently working on a new EP called ‘My Biggest Regret’, and while I spend time doing that, I shall, like before, be putting out free music and new tracks starting with my own version to Chris Brown’s love song Open Road.”  So, get ready for some more tunes this year and stay locked to Urban Asian for all the juicy details.  In the meantime, scroll down below to download Strikey’s cover!

Download the track here:

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