Posted on August 5, 2011 at 1:15 am

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Gupsy Aujla is back with "Bhangra"

If you weren’t sure what type of music Gupsy Aujla makes, you can now stop scratching your head in puzzlement as Gupsy’s new track will definitely etch in your mind that he’s a ‘Bhangra’ master!  Gupsy Aujla teams up with new folk vocalist Saini Surinder to create his next masterpiece aptly titled ‘Bhangra’.  The classically trained musician and producer, Gupsy Aujla, returns after successfully launching the ‘Sher Soorma’ project earlier this year with a new uplifting summer bhangra anthem.   The title may be short and sweet, but the sound for the track is simply sizzling!  Gupsy is sure to have another hit single to join the ranks of his previous hits such as ‘Yaar Nai Labhde’, ‘Putt Sardaran De’, ‘Sunja Goriye’ & ‘Gabru Gulab Warga’.

Gupsy Aujla

For now, the song is available on iTunes, but I’m happy to share some secrets about the upcoming music video for this new track.  A little bhangra birdie spilled to UrbanAsian that the video for ‘Bhangra’ will be shot by acclaimed director Guvy Heer.   The colorful track will feature dance groups Gabru Punjab De & Ruhan Punjab Diyan.  We’ll keep you posted when the video releases, but for now, direct your browser to iTunes and download this hot new track! 


Surinder Saini
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