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Canada's latest export: Ess!

Canadian rapper Ess has been taking the music industry by storm. Growing up as a minority in the city of Mississauga (ON), Ess spent most of his childhood attempting to fit in, that is until he found a haven in Hip Hop!

Ess’s musical talents aren’t limited to Hip Hop though, at the early age of five, his parents encouraged him to take up the violin. It wasn’t until the seventh grade, when a friend introduced him to the art of urban break dancing.  From then on, his love for the Hip Hop culture has not only continued growing exponentially, it has ultimately evolved into his life’s work and rap became his outlet.

Only in Hip Hop could Ess feel safe, respected and admired. When he was off the cardboard, Ess could be found on a pair of turntables mixing away. While attending high school at Clarkson Secondary, poetry, piano, beat-boxing and music production followed suit. His weapon of choice, however, became rap. Ess credits Eminem‘s album, “The Eminem Show”, as being the spark in his lyrical lighter  fluid: “It was as if everything just woke up inside me. Here was a guy (Eminem), a white guy, putting together such witty rhymes and using an extensive vocabulary. He’s a minority and so am I. So, I figured I’d give it a shot.”

Initially known to participate in rap battles in the high school cafeteria, Ess took the art form back to the classroom where he would rap out his school presentations. If you can recall working on ISU’s (Independent Study Units), then you know there were always three arguments to every essay. But in Ess’ case, that meant three verses to a song. He soon became known for incorporating insightful social commentary and personal reflection into his lyrics. And when his production palate began to expand, Ess took it one step further by earning himself a degree in the highly competitive and prestigious Radio & Television Arts program at Ryerson University.

At this stage in the game, Ess has already managed to create quite the buzz. He has performed in some of Toronto’s most treasured venues including, but not limited to, Dundas Square, The International Center, The Hershey Center and even The Docks Entertainment Complex. He is one of the co-founders of ISC Nation, a Toronto-based deejaying company that has headlined with other major DJ stars, such as Starting From Scratch from Flow 93.5, Baby Yu, Baba Kahn and Danny D from Z103.5. He is also a published author and currently serves as the writer for the Poet’s Corner column for “The Industry Magazine” and “The Young Immigrant”. Furthermore, Ess has opened his own production company and recording studio, 355 Studios, and maintains a client list that includes Universal Music Canada, Def Jam, Interscope & Island Records, and EMI Music Publishing UK.  He has even produced and released four mixtapes and one EP. He co-produced a remix for the hit single, “Throw Ya Hands Up” by Canadian Pop band, Stereos, which went on to receive airplay on TSN & CFL Telecasts, as well as at The Rogers Center (The Skydome). And finally, he has worked with various other artists such as Gene Simmons from KISS, Keshia Chante, Shiloh, Shawn Desman and Hayley Sales, to name just a few. Incredibly well-rounded, right?

But his success doesn’t stop there. Next up on his list is “The Internship EP”, which will be the follow up to his solo effort in 2009, “The Interview EP”. It is slated for a June 2011 release. Now, with over nineteen years of experience on the violin, twelve years on the piano and eleven years as a writer, Ess has come a long way in being able to prove his knowledge and talent for music. His work often draws comparisons to that of Eminem and has gone on to draw a listenership of 20,000+. His debut EP garnered great reviews from labels Interscope & Def Jam. I bet you did not know he was a sketch artist either. So, trust me when I say this guy is the definition of an artist. And oh… Did I mention he was born half-deaf?  Talk about an ironic career choice, right? But, then again, Hip Hop just found its very own Beethoven!

His new single , “After April Comes May” from The Internship EP is a song, while dark and angry, that shares a rather raw, deep and passionate perspective on love, deceit and betrayal. Universal, Island Records and Def Jam (UID) claimed, “If Eminem and Black Eyed Peas did a song together, this would be it.”   You can preview his “After April Comes May” from Ess’ upcoming album, The Internship EP, here:

Like the preview of “After April Comes May”? Download it now from iTunes:

His second single, “Dangerous”, although dark and mysterious, is a more upbeat track that is perfect to dance to. This song’s subject matter explores trust issues and showcases a rather guarded Ess, who questions the very motives and intentions of his seductress, ultimately trying to uncover as to whether or not she’s dangerous. “Dangerous” will drop on May 25th, 2011, but you can preview it now:

While you’re waiting for The Internship EP, be sure to check out Ess’ previous album, The Interview EP, and some of his freestyles here:

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