Posted on May 18, 2011 at 8:29 pm

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Bonafide releases 'I Came To Party'

Following the success of auspicious anthem ‘Ishq Hogaya’ in 2008, 2009’s hot hit ‘Pata Laga Na’, and summer smash ‘Galay Lag Ja’ in 2011, British duo Bonafide are ready to add one more hit to this trio of hits.  The duo, working with renowned producer Hunterz and brother Vee, have concocted their newest single – ‘I Came To Party’.  The track is a Bhangra fusion track, done in Bonafide’s signature style and is all set to give you a feel-good vibe!  The track features both Ziggy and Maz (collectively Bonafide) who deliver very strong vocal performances each – Ziggy in English, and Maz in Panjabi.

The video for ‘I Came To Party’ was shot in exotic Turin, Italy.  It is a vibrant display of Bonafide’s daily on-goings and displays the two-sides of their life – their relationship as buddies (as depicted by their shopping and walking the streets of Italy) – and their relationship as businessmen (holding auditions and conducting day to day business).

“Recently, we have been making noise over our more conscious music, but we wanted to do something to bring it back to how we started, and how we actually began making a name for ourselves; a banger-like track with a feel good vibe. And that is exactly what I Came To Party is.” – Maz, Bonafide

“Working with Hunterz and Vee was great, and by the time the track was complete we agreed we were all more than happy with the outcome. The video just tops it all off! Gorgeous scenery, sophisticated surroundings, and the comfortable lifestyle… we definitely captured the mood with this one.” – Ziggy, Bonafide

‘Bonafide – I Came to Party’ is taken from the EP, “Came to Party”, out on iTunes, and is available from Asian Music Stores Nationwide.  Check out the video below!

WATCH Bonafide’s new video ‘I Came To Party’:

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