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Sugandh Family Album for Cancer Research

The talented music artists Tina Sugandh (known to most as “Tabla Girl”) and her sister, Seema Sugandh, have recently launched their much anticipated album  dedicated to their equally talented mother,  Mrs. Geeta Sugandh, who lost her battle with Breast Cancer on December 3rd.   The album, a tribute to their mother, consists of 8 tracks each spotlighting the award winning vocals of one of the family members – Mrs. Geeta Sugandh, Mr. Kanhaiya Sugandh, and of course, Tina and Seema – who recorded this album when they were just young teenagers (and trust me, they sound good on this album, but sound even better now!).   Charity knows no end in the Sugandh family as 100% of the proceeds will go to Breast Cancer research.

The girls recall on their website that:  “Amazingly, mom remained smiley, positive, and radiant throughout her battle with cancer. She is the most genuine and inspirational woman we will ever know. She has inspired so many with her lessons of family togetherness, positivity, staying healthy and active, and unconditional love. Her heart was bigger than an ocean, her eyes sparkled, and her smile brightened up the world.”  Geeta left the world in the arms of her soul mate, Kanaiya Sugandh, who was with her till the very end.

The girls have faced the loss of their mother bravely, and instead, have turned to helping other Breast Cancer sufferers by making this album to raise money for this cause.  They have followed in their mother’s example and I’m sure she would be proud of them.  “Our radiant mother, that touched so many, lives on in all of us. Her valuable lessons will be treasured and we will strive to spread as much beauty, happiness, and positivity in the world as she did.”

It is really commendable how the Sugandh Family has faced this hardship and decided to help raise money for a much needed cause.  UA readers, I implore you to please help the Sugandh family raise the money!  It’s a win-win for you, as you will get to experience an amazing album and donate to charity at the same time!



So far, the album has generated only positive press:

  • “And The Grammy Goes To India!” – Times Of India
  • “A feat indeed laudable and unique! They truly are the designers of grand evenings…” – Asia Online
  • “The “Sugandh” album is a musical testimony to their soothing, stirring live family concerts, more than 550 in number over the years! Congratulations…” – News India
  • “Simply delicious, uplifting tracks from a uniquely talented, loving family.” – Darshan TV (Washington DC)
  • “A glorious triumph!” – David M. of St.Thomas Radio
  • “”Sugandh” is filled with absolutely beautiful, melodious singing and music!” – Ron Hollaway (Milestone Label)
  • The all-India Press Corp noted that “Music connoisseurs and those new to this style of music will all enjoy this album.  Even without the honor of knowing that all proceeds are going to support cancer research, this is sure to be a best seller…”.  A review in Rockin’ summarizes the album as, “The best Indian sound we have heard in a decade”.
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