Posted on November 2, 2010 at 7:22 pm

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Ajaxxx Brings back more Ringa Ringa Remix Flava

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Last year, Ajaxxx and Gup-E Musiq collaborated to bring you Ringa Ringa Riddim, a hip-hop remix of the Slumdog Millionaire hit “Ringa Ringa.” A year later, they’re back…only this time, with the remix to the remix.

Gup-E Musiq recently premiered the Ringa Ringa Riddim Remix on Bobby Friction’s “Reproduced” on the BBC Asian Network. Receiving high praise for the new song, he’s now decided to let the rest of the world hear it. The song adds an electro twist to the original, but with a combination of bumping hip hop drums.

Ajaxxx tells Urban Asian he’s heading to India but will have much more in store for us, including a line of Music Videos next year? Will this mix be on the upcoming album, what will be expected of 2011. Find out more about Urban Asian as we join his journey!

Check out Ajaxxx’ remix of Ringa Ringa Riddim produced by Gup- E-Musiq

Let us know is it a hit or a miss?

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