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How to Play in Casinos while in Thailand?

Thailand, or popularly known as the Land of Smiles, is one of the most beautiful places in Southeast Asia. The country has plenty of fantastic beaches, mouth-watering cuisine, blissful people, and panoramic views of nature. Visiting Thailand is rewarding because of these remarkable aspects. Even long-time casino goers from the West love to travel to the land of smiles. However, are casinos in Thailand legal? If you are in Thailand, can you still gamble and bet safely and securely?


Gambling and betting in Thailand are illegal; therefore, no legal land-based casinos exist there. However, there are still ways to play in casinos online (check out at, even when you are in Thailand.


Visit a casino outside of Thailand

There are many illegal casinos in Thailand, which we highly discourage since they are unlawful and operate underground. Police officers are frequently on to them, so the likelihood of raiding is high. To save you the hassle of explaining to a police officer why you end up in an underground casino, we listed some land-based casinos where you can go while you are in Thailand. Depending on your current location in Thailand, the travel time can be as short as 30 minutes to 3 hours. 


  • Poipet Princess Crown Casino 

Krong Poi Pet, Poipet, Cambodia


  • Holiday Palace Casino Poipet

Aranyaprathet, Cambodia


  • Poipet Resort and Casino

Krong Poi Pet, Cambodia


  • Grand Diamond City Casino and Hotel

Krong Poi Pet, Cambodia


  • Poipet Genting Crown Casino

Krong Poi Pet, Cambodia


  • Golden Crown Casino and Hotel

Krong Poi Pet, Cambodia


  • Star Vegas International Resort and Casino

Suwannason Rd, Aranyaprathet, Cambodia


  • Tropicana Casino Poipet

Krong Poi Pet, Cambodia


  • Dreamworld Casino

Road Suwannason, Aranyaprathet, Cambodia


  • Pailin Flamingo Casino, Hotel and Entertainment Complex

National Highway 57, Phsar Prum, Cambodia


These land-based casinos are recommended as they are the top casinos near Thailand, which are rated 3 to 5 stars on multiple websites. However, as you may have noticed, these are located in another country. Thus, you can not enjoy Thai beaches and cuisine while gambling through these casinos.


Sign-up to an online casino

What you can do to experience and enjoy tourism in Thailand and still gamble and bet with real money is to go to online casinos. Since online casinos are not based in Thailand, no laws prohibit players from participating. 

There are plenty of online-based casinos that offer real experience and are available on different platforms. We recommend that you do a background check or research those online casinos, as some may not be authentic. If you choose the wrong website, there is no guarantee that you will get the money you won. So please be wary in selecting the online casino you are visiting.


Play live-online casino

Live-online casino is one way to enjoy a Casino in Thailand. A live-online casino is much like the online casinos that are not operated in Thailand but are hosted by other foreign countries. The Government of Thailand cannot legally shut down their operations or impose fines on the players even though they are in Thailand. Legitimate live-online casinos are regulated by the country where they are based. Thus, these casinos can give you the liberty to play safely and guarantee that you will get the money you won. 

Live-online casinos have real-life dealers that handle the games, and you can ensure that the system is not cheating on you. You can also enjoy meeting new friends as plenty of Thais plays live-online casinos. Sometimes, they even host parties to socialize with players. These kinds of gatherings are not illegal. As mentioned previously, Thais are friendly and outgoing people, so chances are you will eventually meet lots of good people there.


To provide further help, we have also compiled some quick tips on securely playing live-online casinos and other online casinos:


  • Check the Terms and Conditions before signing up for any clauses.


  • Do some quick research from review sites before providing personal information.


  • Know what bonuses they offer so you can make the best out of it.


  • Check if there’s a fee (sign-up, membership, or cancellation).


  • Identify if there’s the support you can reach in the event of technical issues or fraudulent activities.


  • Know where the live-online casino is based.


  • Check for payment options for withdrawal. 


Watch out for the variety of games that you can play. As a tourist in a foreign country, it is best to ensure that you are equipped with information that can help you enjoy and stay safe while in the Land of Smiles.

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