Posted on September 24, 2018 at 3:00 am

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7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in the Hamptons

When most people think about the Hamptons, they may think about picnics, boating, hiking, and traditional summer activities. However, when you rent a house in the Hamptons, there’s a lot to do in the region that you may be missing if you spend all your time at your rental or on the water. Although you can certainly take part in these traditional activities, why not take a walk on the adventurous side? Try out some of these lesser-known things to do while you’re here.

1. Visit the Sculpture Garden

When you’re tired of the crowds at the beach, take one of the less explored treks to the Longhouse Reserve in East Hampton. This 12-acres of landscaped gardens is home to outdoor installations from notable artists including Sol LeWitt, Yoko Ono, and Willem de Kooning among many others. This secluded spot allows you to take a step back from city life and unwind. Plan a trip here in the late afternoon with a glass of wine, and you’re guaranteed to feel the serenity this sculpture garden has to offer.

2. Stay at a Scandinavian Sanctuary

When you get tired of everything nautically-themed, why not try staying someplace new and exciting? The Maidstone is a 19-room hotel in a 150-year-old Greek Revival house. While you’re here, try the mouthwatering Swedish meatballs the sanctuary is famous for serving. Some well-known faces love to stay here as well, such as Jimmy Fallon and Stevie Nicks, so you may see a celebrity, although it’s essential to avoid any strong fan-like activity. The perks of staying here include complimentary bikes, yoga classes in the Buddha garden, and beach parking passes. It’s well worth the splurge to live like the rich and famous in a unique environment for a couple of days.

3. Enjoy a Local Feast

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The Hamptons are one of the best places in America to be a foodie. If you’re passionate about locally sourced, top-notch food, then you’ll want to visit the famous Amber Waves Farm. This must-try eatery and farm features a special meal known as “Outstanding in the Field” to show what sustainable dining in the Hamptons is all about. Enjoy the freshest foods in a farm environment. You won’t have to sacrifice quality either as the meal is prepared by Vic chef Hillary Sterling. Plan early for this event though as it can fill up quickly.

4. Enjoy Some Cheap Drinks

The Hamptons aren’t typically touted as a hot budget-friendly destination. But those who are in the know can enjoy some of the best drinks in the area on a much smaller budget. You also don’t have to be on a budget to enjoy the carefully crafted drinks at Dockers.  This spot offers a famous $5 happy hour every Friday, which is the perfect way to kick off a weekend of fun in paradise. When you’re heading down to the Hamptons for the weekend, stop here to get the trip started, and enjoy inexpensive cocktails, wine, beer, and appetizers with great views of the water.

5. Catch some Great Tunes

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The Hamptons aren’t typically known as the best spot in the area to catch a concert — New York City is more known for that —  but you may be surprised to find there are some great indie concerts taking place here in the popular months. The waterfront deck at the Surf Lodge, located in Montauk, features indie concerts for free each summer. Past artists include those as famous as Wild Belle, Lolawolf, and Leon Bridges. The summer crowds can be heavy, but that just adds to the excitement of seeing unforgettable concerts in a scenic setting.

6. Explore High Class Homes

Not everyone can afford a vacation home in the Hamptons, but you don’t have to pay just to look. Although there are many beaches here, one of the most popular, and known for its luxurious homes,  is Coopers Beach. It has rolling dunes and a wide sandy beach area that’s great for a leisurely stroll. While you’re here, take in some of the notable homes owned by Calvin Klein and David Koch, among others. If you’re a fan of the show Billions, you can also see the house on this beach. This destination is a little off the beaten path, but those who enjoy the beach and lavish celebrity homes will find it well worth the journey.

7. View Jackson Pollock’s Home Studio

Known for his canvases featuring colorful drips of paint, Jackson Pollock has a home in East Hampton that’s open to visitors. This home is still intact and some of his more well-known works, such as Blue Poles, were painted here. You can visit the barn studio and have the opportunity to walk on a piece of art that he made. The Pollock-Krasner House is a wonderful attraction, and it’s one that only the true Hamptons experts know to visit.

The Hamptons is a great vacation destination whether you’re traveling here for a short time or will be visiting for the entire summer. Sure, you’ll want to spend plenty of time on the water and picnicking with a view, but there are also a wide array of more unique and off-the-beaten-path attractions to enjoy. There’s no doubt you’ll be surprised at all that the Hamptons has to offer, and we guarantee you’ll find yourself wanting to revisit the area, and its most unique attractions, year after year.

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