Posted on December 15, 2020 at 2:56 am

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Everything you need to know about gaming industry trends in 2020

There is an abundance of gaming trends to come out of 2020, including the advent of 5G, which guarantees to fuel developments in cloud gaming. On top of this, better connectivity and advanced mobile devices are readily available, VR is becoming more and more apparent and cryptocurrency casinos are very much a thing.

Mobile gaming 

China, South Korea, Japan, and India all have something in common when it comes to mobile gaming, they’re popular markets for online casino platforms, and as such, high on the agenda for Western developers looking to target a wider audience. Asides from better devices, consumers in this part of the world tend to have more revenue (and time) to spend on mobile games. According to Newzoo, the mobile gaming industry is expected to top $100 billion by 2021, achieving a decade of double-digit growth. And it generated more than 50% of the global games market last year. This explosive growth has blurred the line between games offered by PC, console, and mobile. 4K promises to blur this even further, with the arrival of games that can be streamed to any screen. 

Virtual Reality

This is something many of us will have heard of but not tried yet. For gaming fanatics living throughout lockdowns, VR is a dream come true. This technology allows players to enter a virtual environment from the comfort of their own home via a headset that promises to transport you into a new world, including casinos in Asia, Vegas and the U.S.  

Machine Learning and AI

Machine Learning and AI customize experiences based on the behaviors of players. Whether they’re a fan of a particular style of game, movie, or promotion, all of these factors are taken into consideration and showcased when they next visit the site. Robots are also being employed to answer simple questions in a fraction of the time a human is able to respond to the same query. These quick responses keep consumers happy, meaning the casino’s customer return rate is much higher. 

Cryptocurrency Casinos 

Bitcoin’s main perks include fewer limits and lower fees. Players can transfer as much money as they desire without worrying about transaction fees. On top of this, cryptocurrency’s anonymity helps to safeguard gamblers from fraud, mainly because third parties are unable to decode transfers between the involved parties. There are now plenty of casino sites that accept cryptocurrencies, with some of them using them as an additional payment method, whereas others are entirely focused on Bitcoin. 

Social Gambling 

Playing at home or on your commute should no longer be confused for a solo experience. With VR and online chats, players can engage with fellow gamers and croupiers, similar to how they would in a physical casino. Gamers can also join forces through multiplayer options, which often allow for bigger payouts and higher bonuses, like those featured in the casino reviews on The rise of Social media and gaming allows for a deeper, more immersive social gaming experience, which is one of the reasons establishments are cashing in on these concepts, including connecting accounts to social media platforms and matchmaking. 

Player-centric advantages 

The introduction of Cloud gaming means the huge tech and scale advantages, as cloud streaming takes away a number of player challenges, including the hardware, platforms, and initial costs, as they no longer have to be upgraded every couple of years. Cloud gaming can also target players using different devices, which increases reach. 

Advanced marketing tactics and revenue streams

With a focus on UX, access, and high performance, gamers now have the option to play (almost) anywhere they please. This is down to a number of new and existing titles being made compatible with various devices. Games can be streamed from any device (including VR glasses, headsets, and smartwatches) providing there is an internet connection. 


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