Posted on August 8, 2020 at 4:01 am

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Here are Some of the Top Bollywood Casino Movies 

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Bollywood tends to have an affinity towards casino movies, and it has been this way for quite a few decades now. You might have seen a few of these movies before and enjoyed them, but if you haven’t seen any of them before and would like to explore some of the hits that are out there, then simply look below.

Teen Patti

This movie stars Shraddha Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan and Ben Kingsley. It’s a blend of mathematics and gambling, as Amitabh Bachchan plays the role of a mathematician known as Venkat, who learns how to gamble so he can come out with a huge jackpot. He gets invited by Perci, who is one of the best mathematicians in the world and they go to a casino. It’s a land-based casino, and not an online one like this: When they arrive, their lives are changed forever. They decide to take on some of the biggest gamblers in the area and this is when things took a turn. It was never really about the money for Venkat, but it does become risky when he starts his journey. It’s a great movie to say the least and so much happens.



The Striker movie came out in the same year as Teen Patti and it is about a very young boy, known as Surya. He finds it hard to live his life as he struggles in suburban India. The movie shows his struggle and it also shows his efforts that made him the Carrom Champion at the young age of 12. He then starts to explore the other opportunities that are available to him, but he soon comes to the conclusion that they are not all risk-free. He gets put under the radar of Jalil, who runs a betting consortium. The movie carries on and it shows him lose control.


This movie came out in 1971 and it shows a very lazy policeman, who is known as Dayashankar Pandley. He was abandoned by his mother and he was raised by a criminal, known as Don. He is known for his very laid-back attitude and he was always spinning up tales. He saw his world become truly shaken when he was given a task where he had to uncover an intricate drug ring, and this put him in the spotlight of some of the most deadly underground agents. He quits his job so he can become a gambler, and this is when things really take a turn for the worst.


Jannat is one of the best casino movies out there, in terms of Bollywood appeal. It’s a romantic drama too. The movie revolves around Arjun Dixit who is played by Amraan Hashmi. He is a street-smart gambler and he is very proud of the strong instincts he has. He ends up making a fortune through gambling, but he soon finds that his life ends up spinning out of control, which really puts him on a very bad road. Of course, this is just the start for him too.


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