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Fall in Love with Sweden’s Shadi G and Her Soulful Voice

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Crown The Brown: Shadi G

Crown The Brown: Fall in Love with Sweden’s Shadi G and Her Soulful Voice

Crown The Brown: Fall in Love with Sweden’s Shadi G and Her Soulful Voice. Shadi G is a Swedish songwriter, producer and singer whose soulful voice and unique RnB/Soul sound is striking the attention of some of Sweden’s biggest music magazines.

Being schooled in classical music from a young age, growing up with music all from jazz, RnB, soul, hip hop to Persian music, where she has her roots, Shadi is crossing borders with her own soulful sound, both in style and language.

Shadi G‘s vocals are nothing short of mesmerizing. With each note hit, you will instantly fall in love, Shadi reinvents existing genres with her unique take on them. We chatted to Shadi to learn more about her as an artist and her music. This is what she shared with us!

Crown The Brown: Fall in Love with Sweden’s Shadi G and Her Soulful Voice

For those who do not know, who is Shadi G?

I am a producer, songwriter and artist from Gothenburg, Sweden.

Did you always want to pursue music? And when did you start putting out singles?

When I was around six, my music teacher in school told my parents that they should let me audition for the leading church coir here in Gothenburg. At the time I was still too young since they take in kids from the age of eight.

So when I was old enough I had my audition and got in. I think it was from then that I seriously started having music as the main passion in my life.

I later on started opera training for my voice, and also started writing my own music. But I realized I needed to learn a way to actually create and release these songs I had. So straight after finishing high school I went to London to study music production, and soon after that I produced and released my debut single “Lost”.

If you could describe yourself in one word what would that word be?


Who are some of your biggest influences in your music?

Oh hard to chose, but some of the biggest inspirations for me are 6lack, H.E.R. Snoh Aalegra, Little Simz, SiR.

Crown The Brown: Fall in Love with Sweden’s Shadi G and Her Soulful Voice

Describe your sonic influences?

I have grown up with all from RnB/soul, hip hop, jazz, opera to Persian music, where my parents have their roots. I found inspiration in all of these styles and was fascinated with that part in which they merge.

It is like, different genres may sounds so different, but all have meeting points, and I kind of love hanging out there.

So writing my own music, I started to take the part that I found most interesting from each style and just experimented with that. And in the centreline, fusing this all together, was the RnB-vocals.

Take us through the process in which you conceptualize a new song?

It can look very differently from track to track. I usually have a lot of notes in my phone or pieces of paper that I write down small ideas as they come. Sometimes I start by the piano and play around with some melodies and see if they can fit well with the lyrics.

Sometimes I start by the computer, making the production first and start writing for that particular instrumentation.

Crown The Brown: Fall in Love with Sweden’s Shadi G and Her Soulful Voice

Your Song Space, is a new release. Tell us more about the song and the meaning behind it.

Yes! This is the latest single released through my own record label.

The song is about being at a point in life, where you want to make changes, being in a space you might want to get out of.

But how sometimes it is the people that love you the most that are holding you back from this progress. To truly love someone, is to give them the space they need to find their own way forward.

Do you feel there is a need to try bringing in elements of your culture in your music?

Not really a need, but rather a curiosity and love for what has been an important part of the culture my parents are brought up from. I love to find that area in which different music styles and cultures merge. For me, that is really where the magic happens.

What is one challenge you have faced with trying to put out your music?

When doing most things yourself of course this takes a lot more time, but also it is a lot of fun and I love doing it. So there is that choice you have to make between keeping the control and being able to take the decisions you want yourself, but also knowing that it will take you more time and energy.

Another challenge with doing everything yourself is also that it can get a bit lonely in the working process sometimes, so I also like to mix it up by collaborating with other artists. And that can also be such a beautiful process to exchange knowledge and get inspired by each other.

In your EP No Fear which was released in 2018, there seems to be a quite diverse offering with regards to your sound, take us through the influences in your music? As well as conceptualization of the EP.

Yes, so the EP goes through different feels, both in terms of sound and state of mind. Sound wise it continues finding inspiration from different styles.

I have played around with the contrasts of these electronic productions and adding organic elements, like sitars, flutes and so on. This love, for example, is basically based on this sample I got to play around with and started build on top if that.

With everything that is going on in 2020, how are you maintaining your creativity during this time and how has life possibly changed for your music making.

Well honestly, I’ve realized that this type of life style is not very different from how I usually live, since I work mostly from home, producing and writing. Of course there is a big factor for artist now when they’re not able to play live.

I try and take the time to focus even more on making new music and develop further. Also it is a great time to focus even more on working together with people all over the world, making tracks together.

If you could give someone a piece of advice with regards to trying to create music and the fear of putting it out.

Just go for it. I know it can be a lot of self doubt when putting something out, that might also be very personal. And of course it should feel right and that you are ready to release something you’ve worked so passionate on.

But somewhere you got to let it go and release it too. I think an important realization is that, other people that do stuff, don’t know a lot more than you. I think they are just crazy enough to do it anyways. So just go for it.

Can we expect any new music from you? If so when?

I am currently working on some new things, so in a few weeks we might be getting ready for some new stuff!

What is one career achievement you wish to achieve in the future?

I would love to write and produce more for other artists as well. I have started working a bit on making music for film as well, and this is also a lot of fun! So would love to learn more in this field as well.

Furthermore, Shadi‘s soulful sound has a way of uniting people and has us reminiscing on better days! We cannot wait to hear more of her and her music certainly speaks to the soul! Be sure to follow her @shadigolchin.

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