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The Top 9 Inventions That Changed the World

The Top 9 Inventions That Changed the WorldDevelopment never stops, resulting in more new things being created almost every day. Some of them have transformed our lives significantly. Read more here!

Inventions That Shook the World

From ancient times to the recent years, humans have always been willing to make their lives better. The greatest minds of humanity have given up their lives for the sake of science and technologies, striving to make up something new, which no one has ever thought of before. While most inventions do have great practical uses, some of them stand out because of being truly revolutionary. So, here are a few inventions that influenced the world more than other did.

Most Important Inventions and Their Effects on Our Lives

The computer

The computer is a complicated calculating machine able to perform a lot of different operations at the same time. Many scientists have made their contribution to this invention, which makes it hard to name the inventor. Yet, this didn’t stop this device from becoming a base for other inventions, and today we have computers that we can put in our pocket.

The biggest effect of the invention of the computer is seen in science. Computers perform such tasks that human brains would never do on their own. Because of this invention, we now have a large number of devices that help us learn more about the world we’re living in and invent more things based on the new knowledge.

The Internet

With the invention of the Internet and the World Wide Web, the whole world has changed dramatically. Covered with a giant network of computers, now it is able to give you access to any information from wherever you are. The effects can be seen in all spheres of life, from entertainment to business and to politics. You can now talk to a person from the other side of the world, make a purchase, and even hire someone to do your homework without leaving your room (for more information see here:

However, such a great sign of development and a base for future inventions has also become a great reason for fears and a tool in political games. We’re afraid that we’re being tracked and controlled through the Internet. Some people even believe that we’re at a risk of becoming socially isolated because of the use of the Internet and the Web.

The light bulb

Everything has changed with the possibility for people to work after the sun set. Although candles and gas lamps were able to give the same possibility, the invention of the light bulb was a significant milestone. It was the first contribution made to the invention and the development of the entire system of electricity. You can hardly imagine now that our homes are left without power.

Well, you can, but maybe only for an hour or two as you’re used to knowing that you can plug your phone in and charge it anytime, turn on the TV and an air conditioning system. The use of electricity can’t be described in a few words as its importance goes far beyond our homes. All the products we have today are produced in factories that are powered by electricity, right?

The wheel

The wheel was one of those inventions that had triggered people to invent a number of other things. The whole transportation system began with just one wheel used in carriages drawn by horses.

However, transportation is not the only sphere where the wheel has made its contribution. There are lots of more recent inventions that require the wheel to operate. For instance, the principle of work of industrial machines, engines, and many other gears is based on the work of the wheel. So, this invention shook the world indeed.

Communication technologies

Can you imagine the today’s world without theses means:

  • telephone,
  • television,
  • radio signals, etc.?

Have you ever thought how they have managed to transmit such information as photos, videos, or the voice just by air? The invention of communications is truly an amazing thing. You can know what’s going on across the globe as well as send a message to your friend, telling that you’re being late. And it happens almost immediately, while about a hundred years ago, it would take days, weeks, or even months, depending on how far you want to reach.

Information has the biggest value now, and the ability of information to travel fast makes it even more valuable. The effects of the invention of communications not only are important personally to each human but also make a difference in the world of economy, business, and politics every day.


The history of this invention is rather long and ambiguous, dating back to many centuries ago. Being kind of an outsider on this list, concrete the way we know it today was invented in the 19th century. However, it’s believed that the Egyptians had been building the famous pyramids, using materials similar to concrete.

Similar substances were also used by the Romans at the beginning of the Common Era to build the Pantheon. There are thousands of examples of this material’s development all around the world. Today, it’s used as one of the most efficient materials in building, and there will hardly appear a better substitute for this substance soon.


Penicillin was the first chemical substance that showed antibiotic properties. Invented in 1928 by Alexander Fleming, this invention quickly spread all over the world and made a significant contribution to the fight against almost all infections.

By the way, it was one of the accidental inventions resulting from carelessness, which shook the world immensely. Since 1928, antibiotics have saved lots of people’s lives, especially during the war, and facilitated more improvements in medicine.

The refrigerator

Before refrigeration was invented, humans had a number of different ways to preserve food, e.g. using ice or salt. However, people have always been in search for something better. There’s no single inventor of the device or the refrigerating technology itself because many scientists and researchers have made certain improvements, which gave birth to this invention in the end.

Anyway, the fact that a refrigerator is almost in every home today changes our eating habits drastically.

Industrial refrigerators play an important role in food processing, making it possible for us to have fresh meat and dairy whenever we want. This invention has saved us from the need to grow food ourselves as we can buy all products we need anytime.

The automobile

Another invention that has made a major influence on how the world looks and functions today is the automobile. Although there were different types of cars and different people who worked on their development, Carl Benz was one of the biggest contributors and is widely recognized as an inventor of the gasoline automobile.

Every city is full of cars today. This vehicle not only gives a large number of benefits for a personal use but also plays a major role in the whole transportation system, allowing for easy and quick shipment of different types of cargo on land. However, it’s hard to deny the negative effect of this invention on the ecological environment. Hopefully, soon will come other inventions that will help the humankind deal with this problem or at least reduce it.

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