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The Impact of Advanced Technology in Our Society

The Impact of Advanced Technology in Our Society

Human life became simpler and easier with the evolution of technology. The invention of the steam engine by James Watt and the introduction of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg became crucial phases in the advancement of humans. Similarly, when the Wright brothers designed the first successful airplane, it became another major milestone in the human era.

Discussing the impact of technology in our society is an interesting topic that gives both knowledge and new thoughts. There are many thousands of examples, apart from the listed above, where technology proved to be advancing our society. The recent years saw many technology innovations that shaped the way we communicate, travel, and more. Let’s discuss some of the technology developments that influenced us greatly in the recent years.

Mobile Technology Revolution –Improved Communication

The mobile phone revolution post-2000 has really made our communication advanced and more efficient. Since 2007, we saw further revolutions in the industry in the form of smartphones and improved wireless technology services. When we are expecting the launch of 5G technologies by 2019, we moved a lot from the initial days of mobile phone revolution. Today, people across the world communicate with each other through various communication apps and video calling options.

The Impact of Advanced Technology in Our Society
The Impact of Advanced Technology in Our Society

Combined with internet technology advancements, the cellular technology revolution made significant impacts in every area of our society. Information became accessible at fingertips for people around the globe. Education became global and remote, and today, a student from an Asian or African country can access world-class education from the reputed universities in North America and Europe from their living room. It also bypassed the physical and geographical barriers and made people from across the world closer.

Artificial Intelligence – Advancement of Healthcare, Personal Management, and More

Artificial intelligence is a technology development that sweeps almost all the industries. All of us are witnessing its widespread applications in our society and what benefits it drives to every one of us. Healthcare is the most prominent area we saw too many applications of AI. Cancer diagnosis, treatment and research services based on AI systems began making revolutions a few years back. It made diagnosis quick and accurate and made precision treatment options more effectively.

Also, personnel management, food production and farming management, and more are other major areas where AI made some significant achievements in the recent years. The entertainment industry is another major sector that received widespread changes due to the technology. It changed the way entertainment is delivered to people. For instance, online casino gambling industry received a big boost by AI with improved UX, creating a level playing field for unscrupulous players, and more. It also helps the houses to design specific promotion programs including top online casino bonuses, free spins, and more. With autonomous car systems, AI is also making sweeping changes in the transport sector.

Nanotechnology – Revolutionizes Manufacturing, Energy, and Medical Sectors

Nanotechnology is another highly-discussed revolution that got significant attention in the recent years. The relatively-new technology, which has miles to go, began producing excellent results in manufacturing and energy sectors. Especially in the manufacturing sector, nanoparticles and nanotubes are the latest trends with their strong but light structure. It helps the manufacturing sector to come up with new materials that can address most of the existing issues of the industry.

The developments in the energy sector show that the technology would make solar power harnessing more economical and widely accessible to people by reducing the cost of solar panel makers. The researches have provided highly efficient results in the case of storage devices as well. While coming to the medical sector, nanobots can remove the blocks in the arteries, repair cell-by-cell, fix damaged genes, and more.


We discussed some of the highlighted-technologies that paved substantial changes in the recent years. There are plenty more in the line including IoT, blockchain technology, machine learning, augmented reality, and more. All of them are shaping our society stronger, better, and efficient.

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