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#Gambling: Top 5 Beautiful Gambling Destinations in Asia

Top 5 Beautiful Gambling Destinations in Asia

Compared to other markets, East Asian cities are known as great gambling destinations. The cities are also known as inexpensive destinations for fun, entertainment, and food. Due to that reason, people around the world land on Asian soil and enjoy casino games. Post-2000, South Asian cities gave significant growth to the gambling industry in terms of visitors and the number of gambling houses.

Are you excited and planning to make a trip to Asian gambling destinations? Before beginning the journey, you should know the most vibrant gambling cities in the region. Here is the list of top five gambling destinations in the continent.

East Asia Gambling


  • Macau


When people think about gambling in Asian soil, the first name that comes to their mind is none other than Macau. The city in the shores of South China Sea is closely competing with Vegas to become the dream destination of gamblers. The recent years saw the gambling houses in the city generating more revenue than even Vegas. The gamblers have the options to play different types of games from traditional gambling to latest trends in the industry such as Texas Hold ‘Em. The city also offers excellent nightlife and adventures to explore. People who do not love in-house casinos can also enjoy the numerous online gambling sites accessible in the soil.


  • Singapore


The premier traveler-destination in the Asia is also a popular gambling city in the continent. The administration has adopted relaxed gambling laws to make the city a favorite place for the gamblers. It was an attempt to woo the Chinese gamblers to its soil. The city houses some famous casino brands like Sands and Resorts World. Most of these casinos have thousands of gaming tables and slots to offer the spirit of gaming. The recent years saw the administration blocking several international online gambling platforms though it encourages in-house gambling.

#Gambling: Top 5 Beautiful Gambling Destinations in Asia

  • Manila


The capital of Philippines also goes hand in hand with several other East Asian cities while coming to gambling houses. It has numerous resorts with casinos and other entertainment options. These resorts provide the gamblers free breakfast, spas, and many other choices while enjoying casino games. The casinos in the city offer excellent rewards and give the gamblers numerous card game options. Asian Poker is a major game that got exceptional popularity across the casinos in the city.

Apart from the traditional gambling houses, the country also sees the exodus of gamblers to bet on UK online gambling sites. Some gamblers love the online gambling due to it allows them to access their favorite and the best casino games without traveling to a casino house. The city has some exotic locations, and welcomes over one million tourists each year.


  • Seoul


The capital of South Korea is another important gambling destination for the foreigners, not Koreans. The country has adopted a liberal stand on gambling, and that helped the industry to flourish in the Korean soil. Though the gambling houses are scattered across the country, a significant percentage of them are concentrated in the capital. Per the latest information, there are 23 casinos in the country, and the tourists are only allowed to make a bet on the tables. However, the government allows the Koreans to make their bets at Kangwon Land Resort and Casino – a remote casino located in the northern part of Korea.


  • Japanese Cities


Japanese cities are grabbing the spirit of casinos in the recent years as the government began efforts to make its major cities as tourist hubs. The initial two casino legalization bills for the country passed by the end of 2016, and it is inching towards becoming the second-largest gambling market in the world. The country is expected to see an exodus of gamblers in 2018 after the industry gets a formal policy. The latest developments confirm that the famous gambling houses around the globe are eagerly waiting to conquer the Japanese soil.


More and more countries in East Asia are adopting constructive policies for gambling industry as a way to attract more tourists. If that happens, it will make the region flourish further in the coming years.

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