Posted on February 14, 2022 at 10:02 pm

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How to Lessen Your Anxiety

Many of us experience anxiety from time to time, but this is likely something you’d like to avoid when you can. Even in the times where COVID-19 is still a looming threat, this is quite doable. Moreover, when you are able to make small changes in your routine and take some time out for you, once you start to feel frazzled or upset, these techniques might be able to lessen your anxiety. Check out more tips for lowering your anxiety levels. 

Limit Screen Time

While we are still experiencing a pandemic for much of the world, it may be difficult to watch the television or look at the news. You could feel anxious when it seems like there are only bad things to see and hear about, in terms of current events. Events that are currently taking place can make you feel hopeless or like conditions may not improve, especially if you are viewing the news often.

This is why you should limit screen time when you can. Give yourself rules on how often you can look at the news or your social media sites before you need to move on to something else. For more about current events and how they effect your life, check out BetterHelp

Talk to a Friend 

Something else you can do when you are feeling anxious is to talk to someone you trust. They may be able to offer advice on your situation or tell you about how they were able to get over situations where they experienced anxiety. Moreover, having a person to use as a soundboard when you aren’t feeling your best may help you.  


Exercising can be beneficial when you are trying to work through your anxiety. Not only will working out burn calories, so you may be less likely to lie in bed worrying about things happening around you, but it can also lower your stress levels. 

Get Adequate Sleep

You should also do what you can to get a good night’s sleep. Adults should sleep around 6-8 hours each night, so try your best to go to bed at the same time every evening. This could give you the time you need to get the rest that your body must have. When you are well rested, you may be better able to keep your anxiety at bay. 

Fuel Your Body

Once you are experiencing anxiety, you should address your diet as well. Try to add fresh foods to your meals and drink water when you are thirsty. You can ask your doctor how many calories you should be ingesting, or you can do research online for healthy recipes to try. 

Work With a Therapist

If you are trying to lessen your anxiety and nothing you try is working, you might need to visit with a therapist. A professional can offer treatment for managing anxiety, so you may see a decrease in any symptoms you are experiencing related to your stress. They are also a person you can talk to about what is going on in your life, if you have no one else to turn to. Additionally, a counselor might be able to offer further tips on how to lower your anxiety. 


Anxiety can affect nearly anyone, but when you are experiencing too much, where it is disturbing your routine, this is the time to do something about it. You should pay attention to both your physical and mental health to accomplish this. You can also work with a therapist if you want to. Attempt these techniques above and see if you start to see your anxiety levels go down.

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