Posted on November 6, 2021 at 1:46 pm

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How do sports help relieve stress?

Everyone knows that sport helps you relax and relieve stress. But what if just relaxing isn’t enough? What if what you need after a stressful day is a full release of accumulated negative energy?

Photo by Alex McCarthy on Unsplash
Photo by Alex McCarthy on Unsplash

Regular exercise, apart from the obvious health benefits in the form of strengthening muscles and cardiovascular system, and improving your figure, helps:

  • Reduce stress.
  • Chase away the anxiety and depressive feelings.
  • Boost self-esteem.
  • Improve sleep.
  • Increase vitality.
  • Gain a healthy and trim appearance.

Most athletes, the news about and make bets on performance of which you can make here, don’t have such problems because of the regular moderate physical exercise. But that can also improve sports activity?


Sugar levels


Moderate levels of exercise help level out blood sugar levels and relieve chronic muscle strain, which can happen to people who are constantly stressed. It keeps stress levels under control and turns negativity into positivity by releasing accumulated aggression to the outside world in a beneficial way, rather than in a scandalous situation with loved ones.




During sporting activities, the body produces endorphins, natural antidepressants. For this reason, people often call it the “happiness hormone” or “joy hormone”.




Oxygen helps reduce the symptoms of many mental anxieties such as despair, depression, stress and insomnia.


Mental benefits


In periods of stress and depression, people tend to withdraw from the world around them (which causes them to sink deeper into depression than everyday life). That’s why experts advise exercising outdoors or with a group at the gym.


Improvement of self-esteem: if a person succeeds in the exercise, they become more self-confident, and this puts gloomy thoughts on the back burner and prevents despair, and the positive result is reflected in the mirror.


Nothing beats working out and playing sports. Just know which are suitable for you.


Boxing: for venting your aggression


In the first place of the effectiveness of psychological release for many years is boxing. While not a very feminine sport, classical boxing has evolved into many softer styles adapted for girls. In or out of the ring, with or without gloves, boxing is a rhythmic movement of the arms and legs that results in a significant loss of calories and an excellent cardio workout. But most importantly: a strong throwing arm that has a simple purpose: to strike your opponent. The most valuable and valid outlet for your day’s accumulated aggression or just plain negativity.


Bicycle: for the concentration of energy


In this case, it is preferable to train on a stationary bike in the gym because you don’t have to stop and think about the passing scenery. The light atmosphere of competition, strength, speed and monotonous concentration with appropriate music in the background is exhausting but will leave you with a smile on your face.


Dancing: for releasing emotions


Dancing is a creative expression of oneself and one’s body and therefore requires the maximum investment of one’s energy. With the sound of your favourite music, there’s a dance style for every genre, you’re not just exercising your core muscle groups. You’re releasing all your heavy emotions.


Swimming: for recreation


Two factors come into play here: the monotonous body movements that tire you out and put you in a meditative state and the properties of water itself, known for its calming effect on the body.


Tennis: for relaxation


Looking at professional tennis players, you can’t help but marvel at how they kick a ball with a loud cry. Even without reaching professional heights, this scream alone is a great way to release energy while working out your leg, arm, back and gluteus muscles.

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