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Kirpan The Creator Of Kirplization A Bonafide Punjabi TikTok Star

Kirpan The Creator Of Kirplization A Bonafide Punjabi TikTok Star

Kirpan The Creator Of Kirplization A Bonafide Punjabi TikTok Star.

Kirpan the creator of Kirplization is Vancouver-based and has been recognized as a bonafide TikTok star in the Punjabi world. Not limiting herself to the stardom of any sort? She works on bringing community issues into the spotlight. Kirpan has also collaborated with TikToker The friendly Gora and has worked with local Rapper Aman Bassi. She is also known by the name Kerry speak Kardi a “Peoplan hi Peoplan”. She has over 100k followers on TikTok and over 28k on her Instagram page. Let’s find out more about Kirpan in an interview.

Creator of Kirplization Kirpan, tell us a little bit about yourself.

My full name is Kirpanpreet Kaur Dhillon, I came here to Canada 10 years ago on a student visa. I did criminology and always wanted to go into policing. My dad and grandfather were in the army, I have developed my interest in defense a long time ago but my creative side always wanted to become an actor. I studied at Kwantlen polytechnic university and ran through student elections. I was the director of student life at KPU. Now I am working as an accounting manager and my long-term goal is either to become a police officer or an actor. I could be both, what do you think?

First of all, tell us how did you get into Tiktok?
I didn’t like TikTok when it first came. I thought who would actually use this platform. I found TikTok very cringe. I thought that no talented person would use this app And then I saw a couple of videos of some wonderful desi creators who were using TikTok and promoting their talents. I started posting videos just for fun. I was like I don’t care if anyone likes my videos. The only that matters is if I like my videos or not. But people started liking my content and that’s how I gained so many wonderful followers.

You are an excellent performer. Everyone loves your facial expressions. Have you taken any formal classes for acting?

Thank you for your appreciation. No, I haven’t taken any formal classes for acting but I would love to. I am very filmy myself haha very dramatic. Ask my friends and family. I have learned everything from TV. And I used to practice fake scenarios in front of the mirror.

Have you ever performed on stage as an actor in school or high school?
Would you believe it if I say no? I only performed once as an actor and that too in my broken English. I did perform as a dancer many times.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?
I see myself as a megastar who is doing Bollywood, Pollywood, Tollywood, Hollywood projects.

How does it feel when people recognize you and your work?
It is a little weird and foreign feeling. But I do like good attention, I am not going to lie about that. Sometimes, I am too lost in my thoughts and when someone approaches me or recognizes me, I feel a little shocked. I know I will get used to this.

How many hours do you spend preparing for the ideas?

To tell you the truth, my videos are very spontaneous. I take about 5 minutes to make one video. I don’t do retakes as acting comes as second nature to me. Ideas are always surfacing through my mind, 24 7. I take inspiration from my surroundings, real situations. That’s why I don’t need too much preparation.

You are also helping the community with your videos. They are bringing awareness to many social issues. Do you get criticized for your videos?
Yes all the time, because sometimes people want to live in their fairy world where everything is good. And when someone tries to tell them the truth, they don’t like it. I always say, if we don’t talk about the problem, we won’t be able to find a solution for it.

How do you handle criticism? Do you get bothered sometimes?
I think I handle it pretty well. I like to think that even if a person is criticizing me, that person is actually listening to what I am say
ing. That means my voice is getting heard and there are many people who would take inspiration from my videos and do good for others. My friends and family support me a lot. Both supporters and haters are my motivation.

Some words for your fans.
I don’t like the word, “fans”. They are my supporters. I would like to tell them that they should always stand up for themselves and for others. Be a voice to the voiceless.

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