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Seven ways to look like a Bollywood star in 2020 (without spending a penny)!

Recently I’ve been binge-watching the Pinkvilla videos where they ask Bollywood actors and actresses what they eat during a day, what their daily habits are and about their favorite makeup and workouts. And the more videos I watched, the began noticing a trend- there are a few things that they ALL do. Better yet, none of these seven cost an exuberant amount of money. So here is my list of what Bollywood actresses do to keep looking so damn good.

  1. They avoid sugar. I’ve written about this before, the benefits of avoiding added sugar, but these actresses seem to take it to the next level. Some only eating fruit in the first half of the day, others limiting all carb intake, whether it be from bread or pasta. Some of the youngest stars eat a 90% protein diet which I am not sure is completely sustainable. Others are more balanced in their eating. All, however, do not consume added sugar on the regular. They aren’t eating dessert or ice cream every day or weekly for that matter. Although it costs nothing, it must take a great deal of discipline.
  2. They start their day with warm honey lemon water. It’s a great way to hydrate, get your day’s worth of Vit C and help beat seasonal allergies. The actresses note that is the best way to alkalinize the body- I’m not sure what the science is here. Since adding this practice to my own life, I’ve noticed I’m less hungry and my skin looks brighter. It also helps be achieve the next practice-
  3. They skip breakfast. Maybe not skip, but they do not eat the first thing after waking up. Several do not eat until noontime. Once the actress talked about how eating stresses the body. So- if you spend more time fasting, the body, in turn, can take better care of you.
  4. They stop eating at 7-8 pm. This is because it is difficult to digest food late at night. Your body isn’t built to digest food at 9 pm, it’s supposed to be getting ready for bed. By cutting off eating earlier in the day, the body can rest better, digest better, and look leaner as a result.
  5. They workout. Some are fancy with Pilates- I personally enjoy my cheap Planet Fitness membership. Some have personal trainers, I use YouTube. But they all move. They were also quick to note that diet accounts for 90% of how they look.
  6. They are never hungry. No amount of exercise can make up for a disciplined diet. Speaking of which- so many of them didn’t seem stressed or sad talking about food. They sounded matter of fact- they weren’t going hungry, They were smart about what they were eating when hungry. Making sure to get protein. What they ate sounded repetitive and maybe not the most amazing in taste. So maybe boring repetitive food choices is key because it helps main the habit and fits easier into their schedules. The less thinking, the better.
  7. They cheat. Not on their sexy spouses, but on their diet. Some of the more seasoned actresses said it is all about doing what is sustainable. We are a result of our habits, not one-offs. Most stated that they had a cheat meal once a week which they look forward to. It is like having a light at the end of the tunnel.


So there it is- my list on how to look like a Bollywood star without spending a penny. I hope this helps all of you to have the healthiest and best year yet. Happy 2020!

Radhika Mehrotra MHA

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