Posted on June 21, 2017 at 5:39 am

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SonyLiv Celebrates International Yoga Day By Dedicating An Entire Week To Yoga-Related Videos

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From beer yoga to heavy metal yoga, the ancient tradition entwined with India’s international image and legacy has seen many alternatives spring up all over the world. With the international recognition and implementation of Yoga Day on June 21, the spotlight however is back on its land of origin as India leads the way for the world to turn a healthier leaf with this unique practice. Spearheading the digital celebration of this ancient tradition with great gusto is SonyLIV. The premium digital content platform from Sony Pictures Networks India, which has become synonymous with high-quality entertainment for Indian audiences, is initiating a Yoga Week ahead of World Yoga Day on June 21.

As part of initiative Yoga Week presented by Fortune Rice Bran Health, co-powered by ITC B Natural, SonyLIV plans to enrich the users with the academic knowledge and practical rigor of this 5000-year-old practice that allows individual consciousness to integrate with the cosmic spirit. The platform will provide its users with diverse yoga andasana-related videos to make them aware of the innumerable positive effects this practice has on the human mind, body, heart and soul and attain a supreme physical, emotional, and spiritual experience, allowing the body to function at its optimum.


The aim is to bring the ancient practice into modern limelight and encourage more millennials to adopt it into their everyday lives via the digital route! With this move, SonyLIV has also further diversified its content repertoire, making it the one-stop digital destination for Indian audiences to catch up on video entertainment from a vast set of genres.


SonyLIV has always been conscious of providing holistically beneficial entertainment to its users and its health and wellness segment LIV Fit was the first-of-its-kind initiative on an OTT platform in the country. It received a massively positive response from viewers. The Yoga Week initiative is also expected to be of immense help to the health-conscious users and encourage modern Indians to reincorporate Yoga into their fast-paced lives, as was the case centuries ago.



Uday Sodhi, EVP and Head-Digital Business, SonyLIV said:

“SonyLIV has always given significant importance to the health and wellness of its users.The LIV Fit segment was launched with the aim of assisting our viewers to adopt healthy lifestyle practices. With World Yoga Day being just around the corner, we want to raise greater awareness about the benefits of this ancient science amongst Indians, particularly young millennials. In today’s always on-the-move world, being physically fit alone isn’t enough – equal emphasis needs to be placed on achieving robust mental health and spiritual tranquility. Hosting a Yoga Week on SonyLIV is the perfect way of engaging our users to understand and imbibe the principles and practice of yoga in their daily lives.”


Adarsh Gupta, Founder and CEO Brilliant Living TV said:

“We at Brilliant Living TV are extremely happy to partner with SonyLIV, to bring to their audiences a entire week dedicated to Yoga. As a part of the World Yoga Day celebrations, SonyLIV has taken the initiative to take this amazing tradition to the millennials. Working out is fast becoming a intrinsic part of the modern lifestyle, and in keeping with this emerging mega trend, we hope to be able to convert a lot of new entrants into a healthy lifestyle”.


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