Posted on June 21, 2017 at 5:52 am


Guess Who Is Kartik Aaryan's 4 Am Friend?

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Kartik Aaryan who has recently taken his fans by surprise because of his body transformation had an interesting revelation to make. The actor who’s busy promoting ‘Guest Iin London’ was asked who his 4 am friend is and Kartik was quick to reply.


His answer took everyone by surprise because while we thought this sexy singleton’s 4 am buddy would be a close friend or a female star. Kartik said that his 4 am friend is none other than Paresh Rawal. Yes, he’s indeed close to the veteran actor and takes his opinions and advice seriously.

The actor said:

“Paresh (Rawal) sir is someone I’m really close to in the industry. He’s one of the few gems in showbiz who genuinely guides and helps his co-stars. We bonded really well during the shoot . Working with him in Guest Iin London,I got to learn so much from him. Today after the film is wrapped up and up for release, I’m still in touch with him and ask him if in doubt. I really respect and adore him.”

While in real life the two actors remained inseparable on the sets, in reel Kartik can’t bear Paresh Rawal’s existence in his house. ‘Guest Iin London’ releases on July 7th and we are sure that this film with two of the best actors with comic timing in our industry, will be worth a watch.


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