Posted on December 6, 2022 at 7:04 pm

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Kamal Haasan’s Fashion Line Steps Into Retail

Kamal Haasan’s newly introduced fashion line, ‘KH House of Khaddar’ (KHHK) has been getting media attention since its debut a year ago. Apart from its goal of improving the lives of handloom industry in India, the brand takes pride in modernizing Khadi to appeal to the sensibilities of today’s youth by trying to present it in a chic new avatar. Earlier this year, the brand debuted their collection ‘Warp and Weft’ at Paris Fashion Week, and they recently debuted their new collection at New York Fashion Week as well. Because of the brand’s resounding success in the direct to consumer digital marketplace, the team has decided to expand into retail in India. KH House of Khaddar is now available at ‘Collage,’ a boutique store in Chennai.

Photo Courtesy: Kamal Hassan PR Team
As the brand makes its debut in our country, the team led by legendary actor Kamal Haasan in collaboration with leading designer Amritha Ram intends to roll out the collection not only in our country but also globally, with the Middle East as the next overseas location. KH House of Khaddar, like most Kamal Haasan endeavors, is fashion pioneer of sorts, revolutionizing the Khadi fabric and presenting it to the world in an elegant and suave manner in just year.

Amritha Ram comments, “It’s been an exciting journey, this one year of KHHK. We launched last year with our fall winter in Chicago, and began 2022 with revolutionary fabric of Khaddar. We blended Khaddar and denim and presented Khaddar Denim edit at the Paris Fashion Week. We participated in one the biggest trade shows in United States at Las Vegas Convention. We are retailing in about 8 outlets other than the one in Chicago in United States. We closed the year on a high note at the New York Sustainability series – A Fashion Week. We started off the brand saying Redefining Khadi and now I think we should change the caption to Redifined Khadi. It feels very exciting, and it’s been a great journey with Kamal Haasan sir. His vision never goes wrong, right from trying to put together a photoshoot to putting together a collection, he is always there giving his inputs which are very quirky, unique and special. Now we are off to retailing at one of the prestigious store ‘Collage’. The store is known for its hand curated collections. We are looking forward to this next leg of our journey and have alot more coming next year.”

Following Vikram’s global success, Kamal Haasan is now working on ‘Hindustani 2′ and Mani Ratnam’s next, both of which will be made by the actor’s production company, Raaj Kamal Films International.

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