Posted on December 6, 2022 at 6:52 pm

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Karan Tacker’s Transformation for “Khakee: The Chapter of Bihar”

Karan Tacker, one of India’s most handsome and fit actors, surprised his fans and followers with his realistic, basic, and unglamorous look as the idealized, earnest police officer Amit Lodha in Neeraj Pandey’s upcoming cop- drama ‘Khakee: The Bihar Chapter.’ Undergoing an obvious physical transformation, the dedicated actor revealed his process for achieving a more lifelike transformation against an aesthetic and visual change.

Photo Courtesy: Karan Tacker PR Team

Karan Tacker gained around 6-7kgs for the role of a super-cop in early 2000s Bihar, to achieve a slightly healthier and believable musculature for the character.

Karan Tacker reveals details about the transformation, saying, “In general I am a fitness freak, however, for this role, I didn’t want to look the dashboard abs, toned muscles kind-of fit guy, I wanted to look as regular as possible. For that, I stopped doing my general weight training and switched to Yoga. The idea was to attain a more agile and flexible physique, and look as real, relatable, and close to the character as possible, against the stiff, body-shot physique. I wanted to look like a daal-chawal eating person, because the show is based in early 2000s, at that time, the idea of fitness was very simple and basic; a common man’s diet that included daal-chawal, roti-sabzi, hence, I actually shifted to that diet as well. From a 73Kgs, really fit guy, I put on almost 6-7kgs to achieve a more regular, real body with a bit of paunch, filled cheeks.”

Karan Tacker explains the inspiration for his transformation: “Exercise and diet changes not only lead to difference in physical appearances but also the overall body posture and behaviour. For a character it’s not just important how a person looks, but also the mannerisms; from face, walk to how one carries themself. The idea was to feel differently so that the changes in the body are reflected in the acting, to be true to the character. My transformation was not just concerning the aesthetics but also affecting the craft.”

Karan Tacker previously appeared in Neeraj Pandey’s Special Ops, and this is his second collaborative effort with the filmmaker for the Bhav Dhulia-directed film.

Karan Tacker has made an impressive transition from playing the chocolate boy on television to achieving excellence in content-driven roles on the OTT. By focusing on the right projects, the actor is broadening the scope of his versatility, earning praise from both audiences and critics.

Khakee: The Bihar Chapter is a crime thriller set in Bihar that traces the world of crime through true events from the first half of the 2000s. The show depicts the cop vs. gangster feud, with Karan Tacker playing the cop and Avinash Tiwary playing the gangster.

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