Posted on March 1, 2022 at 1:59 pm

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Sparrow Official: Eco-conscious Luxury Label

Adding a layer of eco-consciousness to everyday essentials and imbibing a sustainable lifestyle, Sparrow Official has a careful curation of everyday essentials crafted through luxury practices by craftsmen from all over India. Focussing on innovation and newness along with a level of creativity that their discerning consumers love. The brand is a pioneer in working towards a greener future, implementing sustainable practices while maintaining a level of luxe in their quality.


Sparrow Official is a solid foundation, specific eco-conscious codes, and a unique identity that enables the brand to nurture great ambitions for the future of eco-chic RTW ensembles. It embraces eco-friendly production habits.

Collection Highlight

Sparrow Official embraces nature elements, earthly tone, and loose silhouette. With an emphasis on small motifs of flowers and plants. The collection is breezy, soothing, and in harmony with nature. It evokes an implied message of putting the pandemic isolation behind us.




Sparrow Official is helping the environmental concerns in fashion by creating a space for consumers to buy & sell verified, preloved garments from Sparrow.


About the Brand

Sparrow is a homegrown brand and its vision is to create sustainable clothing at affordable prices. Whether you’re hustling at work or enjoying a balmy afternoon with your friends, whether you are at home or on vacation, the label ensures that you are living every moment of it, while looking your best.
With simple fits and classic styles, each piece is a result of hours of meticulous crafting and lots of love.
Sparrow Official: Eco-conscious Luxury Label

The brand presents a wide selection of everyday wear in breezy fabrics. Sparrow Official aims at making clothes that not only stay longer but also stay close to the heart of the wearer. They believe that in an outfit, comfort is as essential as style.
They carefully choose ethical fabrics, with comfort being the topmost priority, and the rest is left in the hands of the designers who make sure that the fabrics take shape into beautiful styles, giving their customers a wholesome experience at affordable prices.
With contemporary styles in breathable fabrics that would last longer, Sparrow aims to slow down the fast pace of today’s fashion.
Sparrow Official: Eco-conscious Luxury Label
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