Posted on March 1, 2022 at 2:11 pm

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VJ Rahul Bhatia: Every house has a story to tell 

VJRahul Bhatia, who is a popular YouTuber (channel name: VJ Rahul Bhatia and Meenakshi Rahul Bhatia Vlogs), entrepreneur and social media influencer, says that though everyone dreams of a home of their own, living with one’s parents is a culture that is imbibed in Indians.
“In India, since childhood, we live in our parents’ house. In fact, as long as our parents are there, we live together and even after them, we prefer to live in that house itself. But yes, I dream of having my own home someday,” he said.

Talking about his dream house.

VJ Rahul Bhatia said, “It will have a reading room where there is silence and I can sit there and read books. One television room where we can sit and watch movies and TV.  Bedrooms for me and my kids and along with all these, a dining room where we all can sit and have food. Also, a swimming pool and a garden. I like nature so I would like my house to have a natural theme around it. There are a lot of plants inside my house, and we could grow organic vegetables outside the house.”
“My house will say that its owners are very good, very clean, and full of positive vibes, and also that they are a loving family, and help anyone who comes to them,” VJ Rahul Bhatia added.
Rahul Bhatia: Every house has a story to tell 

VJ Rahul Bhatia, who has been a part of “Dare 2 Date”, “Splitsvilla” and “Chat House”, agrees that a house is built of memories.

“Every house has a story to tell. A child is born in that house, someone has left, there is happiness and sorrow in the same house, there are arguments with loved ones and so much love.”

So do you have a favorite corner in your current house?

“Yes, that’s my bedroom. It’s the place where I relax, sometimes my wife and I watch a series there and also spend quality time,” VJ Rahul Bhatia concluded.
Rahul Bhatia: Every house has a story to tell 
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