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Morakasi by Anavila

Morakasi Collection by Anavila

What is Anavila?

Anavila is a way of redefining comfort, luxury, and elegance for today’s women. The brand finds its roots in Indian ethos and looks at the world with curious eyes. They constantly strive for innovation, originality, and beauty in everything they create.

They believe that thoughtful creation can lead to meaningful and sustainable fashion.  Hence, the brand chooses materials responsibly and creates happy work communities that strongly focus on design and detail.

Morakasi by Anavila

The Journey

Anavila’s journey began in 2011 when Anavila after her short stint abroad came back to India. The conception of the first linen sari comes from considerable thought and perseverance with various artisans.

Hence disrupting the sari design and creating a completely modern, comfortable, and desirable to wear a sari. Moreover, they have been constantly evolving in the last few years. While firmly holding on to their core values of creating comfort through innovation and design working closely with artisanal clusters.

Morakasi by Anavila

The Ethos Behind Morakasi

Their latest collection, Morakasi, is a festive collection of Indian wear inspired by the comfort of being home.

To put it in their own words:

For anybody who has ever had to leave a beloved home behind, reminiscing to the memory of that joy and comfort is a mini-celebration. Anavila’s collection Morakasi is an ode to this feeling of joy and comfort felt across old Shekhawati Havelis. Additionally, their rich frescos that speak of families who built them on the foundations of love and togetherness. 

Morakasi by Anavila
While these vibrant artworks of prosperity echo sounds of familial joy, their contemporary take on heritage crafts form the inspiration behind the colors, prints, and vivid tones of this collection.
The collection utilizes shades such as Pevari (yellow), Khariya (white), Hansraj (red), Koyla (black), Neela Thotha (green), etc.  Furthermore, the collection includes intricate handmade designs. The pieces comprise of Hilkari work in silver and gold. The saris feature a fresh and vibrant take on Botanics which can also be seen in the reversible jacket and the peekaboo underskirts.
Morakasi by Anavila

In Her Own Words

Here’s how the designer describes the origins of the collection:

“This festive season when we have the opportunity to celebrate with our families, this collection echoes that feeling of home. Every piece in this collection speaks of warm comfort in intricately handmade pieces.”

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Check out the full launch of Morakasi Collection by Anavila on their Instagram page!

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