Posted on October 14, 2016 at 1:58 am

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When We Look Back Tomorrow by Anavila | Amazon India Fashion Week SS’17

Inspired by those vintage classics in the wardrobe, Anavila showcases a treasure of timeless styles at Amazon India Fashion Week SS’17. As the name suggests, When We Look Back Tomorrow is a collection of ensembles that you will love to wear now and forever.

“I want to create designs that aren’t bound by temporary trends,” explains Anavila Misra. “Every piece in this collection is unique and unfolds its own story. It’s like those loved pieces in every woman’s closet that she wears over and over knowing that it will make her look beautiful each time.”

As if reflecting the ‘looking back’ sentiment, the ramp is all mirror! It creates a stunning continuum of movement which lend the timeless allure to the collection. Being synonymous with linen saris, Anavila brings her signature textile in its most natural form for summer.



The sari petticoats don’t just peep, they add to the aesthetics of the ensemble with accessible pockets. The petticoats are made using the sustainable pojagi technique which uses the left over fabric to create art like textile. The drape is completely new, allowing more movement and comfort.

Classically rustic hues of white, cream, beige and greys; almost all from natural dyes, make for a light summer palette.

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