Posted on May 22, 2020 at 5:33 pm

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2020 Jewelry Trends: Chic, Minimalistic, and Eco-Friendly

Jewelry, on its own, is always timeless. However, there’s no denying that there are trends that influence what we all buy and wear. Today’s consumers are much more environmentally conscious, and conflict-free diamonds are still cherished, but maybe not a girl’s best friend. Nevertheless, right now, it’s all about looking modern and chic while reducing our carbon footprint. Thankfully, handcrafted minimalist jewelry goes well with just about everything and is predicted to trend well into 2021. Plus, online jewelry stores like offer a large selection of handcrafted eco-friendly, minimalistic pieces—all at affordable prices. Whether you’re browsing for yourself or someone else, these are at least eight of the minimalistic, eco-friendly pieces everyone can pull off this season.

Layers of Layering Necklaces

Necklaces that are perfect for layering have been going strong for some time now. Choosing classy chokers, princess-style necklaces, and long matinee chains to pair together for a look all your own is what it’s all about. Fashion experts will tell you there’s an art to layering necklaces, but the truth is your finished look is whatever you decide to make it. Standard layering necklaces can be essential everyday chains or Y-shaped necklaces adorned with beads, pearls, pendants, and charms. The possibilities are endless, and the chance to showcase one’s style never goes out of fashion. Find out how to take high-quality necklace photography with this article.

Pendants and Charms Galore

Meaningful pendants and charms offering well wishes are two fan favorites that show no signs of slowing down this season. Good luck charms, symbolic/spiritual pieces, animal-inspired items, medallions, lockets, crystals, geometric shapes, zodiac signs, and astrology emblems—you name it, there’s a pendant or charm for it, and we’re here for it. Wear your favorite charm/pendant on a single gold or sterling silver chain, necklace, or choker for an authentic minimalist look. You can also mix and match if the occasion calls for something edgy, or add any item to a layered look for more depth and meaning.

Essential Everyday Chains

Everyday chains come in a variety of styles and designs. However, without a doubt, this season’s frontrunner is the cable link chain. The cable link chain is making a comeback like never before, available in small, medium, large, extra chunky, diamond-encrusted, gold, sterling silver, and other precious metals. Chains with a similar design concept included elongated links, twisted links, and half-links. Runner-ups like the beaded chain, mixed-metals, and the solid-liquid gold necklace are gracing the runways a lot more this season. Nevertheless, the classic cable link design isn’t just for necklaces and bracelets anymore. In today’s fashion world, the cable link chain and all its variations look just as stunning in the form of earrings. 

Contemporary Earrings and Statement Hoops Stat

Additional 2020 must-haves include oversized yet sophisticated earrings and hoops. Hoops are in a comeback, again. But then, this time, it’s all about mixed metals, multi-circles, and exaggerated twisted designs. The 2020 statement hoops are absolutely paying homage to the 80s and 90s, but the contemporary themes aren’t hard to miss. Of course, not everyone is a fan of hoop earrings. Thus, great alternatives are subtle dangling earrings, minimalist threaders, and a variety of modern studs with maybe a little flare (animals, bees, ocean themes, etc.). Ultimately, there’s no wrong choice here, so wear what suits you best.

The Season for Personalized Bracelets and Cuffs

Cuffing season is approaching, pun intended. Nevertheless, anyone can see that cuffs, in any style or metal, look fabulous whatever you’re wearing. Cuffs work so well because they easily add a little edginess to any tank top or dress. Men are even rocking cuffs more this season. Likewise, bracelets and its distant relative, the anklet, are still in style as well. In fact, 2020 seems to love bracelets, whether they are the stackable kind, dainty/lightweight pieces, or chain links. Moreover, the once super fashionable charm bracelet is becoming a little less bulky and opting to showcase a single charm or two instead of ten. By highlighting a charm or two, these bracelets now tell a more individualized story.

Heirloom-Inspired Rings in All Shapes and Sizes

Heirloom-inspired rings are always fun and can be chic without being too extravagant. For example, a simple wave or turquoise ring adds just the right amount of texture to your style and allows you to show off a few of your favorite things. Typically, small rings can be worn effortlessly and are also great for stacking—the more, the merrier. On the other hand, large rings are fantastic statement pieces and can even have a functional purpose like the trendy bottle opener rings.  What’s more, the larger heirloom-inspired rings are ideal for bold designs and expressive themes—no worries, there’s always an ensemble to match.

The Understated Pearl for Every Girl

Modern pearl jewelry is often minimalism at its best. Some of today’s hottest pearl items include pearl darling studs, geometric pearl threaders, a single pearl on a necklace, modest pearl pendants, and straightforward pearl rings. The truth is consumers still love the memories and feelings associated with vintage pearls. However, increasing trends suggest there’s no longer a need for a whole string of pearls. In contrast, consumers would rather have a family heirloom to pass down that reflects their own personal and contemporary style. As a result, 2020 is all about handcrafted pearl jewelry that’s delicate yet bold, without overdoing it. 

Embracing Crystals and Precious Stones

Finally, the once overlooked precious stones and healing crystals are making their way into fine jewelry now more than ever. Obviously, this isn’t a new trend, but 2020 is fully embracing it. Clear examples include labradorite rings, moonstone dangling earrings, and a variety of healing crystal pendant necklaces. Just as birthstone jewelry was once a way to personalize a gift or an outfit, these precious stones and crystals are bestowing their meanings and powers on everyone this season. Overall, crystals or precious stones are a wonderful alternative to diamonds and make fine jewelry more enchanting.

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