Posted on May 22, 2020 at 2:44 pm

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Exclusive: While The World Stopped, Ritviz Kept His Fans Moving

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Ritviz Unites Fans Worldwide in ‘Thandi Hawa’ Music Video

Ritviz releases ‘Thandi Hawa‘ Quarantine style music video. Popular DJ and musician Ritviz released his song ‘Thandi Hawa‘ early last month, April 2020. The track was released during lockdown caused by the current Corona virus pandemic.

Above all, many stuck in doors with no enthusiasm left. The frustration of being isolated led to many seeking refuge, luckily Ritviz came to the rescue! His track ‘Thandi Hawa‘ made waves on social media with the audio having over 1.8 million views on youtube. The song became an instant hit but Ritviz‘s creativity started flowing.

Many artists have created Quarantine styled videos being indoors during his pandemic. Ritviz decided that this was certainly the perfect time to bring all his fans together through social media. He decided that the best way to celebrate the song was to celebrate his fans worldwide!

Ritviz took to social media to encourage his fans to form part of his exclusive ‘Thandi Hawa‘ music video. Fans from all across the globe found their favourite spots indoors or nearby and busted out their best moves!

Let’s just say the bacardi sessions were UNIVERSAL! The footwork, handwork and rhythm was evident in every single fan video! Ritviz certainly has some talented fans around the world.

                           [Image by @the.6th.eye]
The music video premiered on the 5th of May and has reached over 1.2 million views in just over 2 weeks! Ritviz showcased the beauty and diversity of his fan base. Fans certainly showed how to #DOWHATMOVESYOU! It is so inspiring to see an artist unite his fans in such a creative manner.

While the world decided to stop, Ritviz had his fans on their feet moving to the rhythm of ‘Thandi Hawa‘. If you haven’t seen this masterpiece, check it out below!

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