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Confab With Eaux Troubles Fashion Line Showcased At Vancouver Fashion Week

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Confab With Eaux Troubles Fashion Line Showcased At Vancouver Fashion Week

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Eaux Troubles fashion line made a statement during Vancouver Fashion Week with there eccentric designs and colors. Eaux Troubles believe the human body is like a sculpture; unique and challenging at the same time and find it inspiring. Eaux Trouble shares more in an interview about a passion for fashion.

Tell us a little bit about your brand and yourself.

I was born in Switzerland where I did a degree in pattern making/sewing/draping in the art school of « Le Corbusier ». Then I moved to Antwerp where I followed the whole bachelor program in fashion design at The Royal Academy of Fines Arts before leaving in June 2016. By the end of June, I was already living in Barcelona, where I thought there is more space to create something that in other very expensive cities such as Paris and London.

About the label: my dream has always been to create an art-fashion collective, but until now it did not work out. I have not found (yet) someone sharing the same vision, someone who is ready to be 300% involved and work hard for it. I just feel like most people are very interested to be « part of something cool » but then, they are not ready to make sacrifices or leave their comfort zone. I refuse to work with people that are not ready to commit and do not want to put all efforts into creating something. At this moment, I would say that « Eaux troubles » is a fashion label which will offer diverse services such as creating fashion editorials for interesting brands, collaborating with new talents, celebrating models of color and dropping capsule collections from time to time.

I will create the patterns and prints myself and I will also make sure that the production will be executed in good conditions. Finally, I would love to propose a made-to-measure service; every piece I have created during my studies were made on the measures of the models I have scouted myself. The human body is like a sculpture; unique and challenging at the same time. I find it very inspiring!

If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before beginning your career what would it be?
Considering that I have just registered the brand before coming to VFW, I cannot talk about a “career” yet. I finished my studies in June 2016 at the Royal Academy of Antwerp. About two weeks after, I moved to Spain and started to make patterns and designs for clients while also working on my own projects. It is going slow and I still need to save money but I have goals and I have always known what I wanted.

So far I have no regrets because bad experiences made me wiser and stronger. Fashion is a very wild and competitive universe, you cannot be weak or scared, otherwise, it will « eat » you.

What is your favorite part of being a designer?

I do not consider myself a designer in an “academic” way; I do not spend my time drawing hundreds of silhouettes for instance. I would rather start from a crappy sketch and work around the idea on the mannequin by draping. It is fun and you can see a result in 3D.

However, my very first step in the creative process is to make a lot of research about the clothing references I want to base the collection on, but also about the functionality of these garments. In my opinion, it is important that people can relate to the topic of the collection and that the clothes are wearable.
Before draping or making any pattern, I decide which type of pieces I need to do in order to create a complete collection (how many trousers, dresses, gloves, …).

From that, I make quick sketches just as a starting point. Then, I develop the silhouette while working on the mannequin. I feel way more free with my hands and some fabric/pins/scissors than with a flat piece of drawing. I love creating my own prints too.

The colors and designs are stunning. What comes to your mind making the color choices?
Thank you! The graphics will always depend on the topic of the collection. In general, I always had a strong interest for graphic design, photography and architecture. Making my own prints allowed me to use colors I could not necessarily find in the market and on top of that, no one else would have the same prints. Print making is a way of expressing myself that I enjoy a lot. I work with a company based in Holland that delivers professional and high quality of prints with great materials.

Who are you most inspired by and why?
It changes a lot. However my number one inspiration I would say in the term “big brands” would be EDUN. I love the styling, the casting, the photography, the designs, even the website! And their ethic, this is very important! For the rest, I strongly value the work of Recho Omondi, Anders Haal and A Cold Wall.

6. Which part of the globe can designers venture for new fashion besides Paris and New York?
I believe that nowadays you can be almost anywhere if you know how to reach your audience. The Internet brought us many more possibilities and sort of « erased » the borders. However, I would not consider staying somewhere that would isolate me from the rest of the world, such as a lost village in the middle of nowhere…

I am currently based in Barcelona because I believe it is a great place to develop your brand and it is also a very inspiring city. One of my long-term goals is to have all my products “made in Spain” but I will stoft with “made in Europe”.

,Your fashion statement?
I saw this post on @thefashionlaw Instagram’s account saying: “LOW KEY HIGH QUALITY”. It is very representative to me. Good things take time, even more when you are by yourself. Quality over quantity is crucial too. I would love my products to be “timeless” somehow.

With huge names in the fashion industry bandwagon, do you find or think that new names find it tough to create their niche?
I believe that everything is possible if you are clever. What I mean by clever is that, the design should be as good as its marketing and vice-versa. This is a big lack in fashion education : we do not learn anything about the business side of it, and this is why so many talented designers do not succeed.

How was your experience in Vancouver Fashion Week?

VFW was my first fashion week so it was very exciting.The entire organization and the teams such as MUA or hairstylist were very kind. The models were very sweet too. I always enjoy a lot the contact with the models because I want them to feel amazing in my clothes. I am happy with the result and I am also thankful that my boyfriend could be there to support me and help me during the preparation.

What is your next venture after Vancouver Fashion Week?
I have been saving money and working on new graphics for my next projects. I will also start working on a capsule collection and look for some sponsors!

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