Posted on October 24, 2017 at 7:53 am

Fashion Lifestyle

Tisharth by Shivani Jain launches a new collection ‘Caged – Set yourself free’


Designer Shivani Jain launches the intrinsic sensuality and potency, with her new collection ‘Caged – set yourself free’. The collection is all about the breaking through the mundane and setting your unique ideas free

If India is proud of anything, one of it is the ideal of womanhood expressed by her poets and seers are very lofty and cannot be improved upon. For the only true ideal for women is to be true to themselves, to develop their personalities, and yet to remain an integral part of the social system

Caged – set yourself free’, is a collection inspired from today’s women who are evolving and becoming more independent. It is inspired from those modern day women who are now juggling many roles such as being a homemaker as well as a career oriented breadwinner.

The designer wants the women to feel free and less caged in their garments. The silhouettes are flowy, soft and depict different techniques protraying the inner turmoil of the pressure on a woman and wants them to feel free and independent without such pressure.



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